FIFA 20 Gameplay: Trailer Shows Gameplay Mechanics, Ball Play, Set Pieces And Much More

After losing out on the exclusive rights to Juventus to rivals PES 2020, EA Sports needed to react. A new FIFA 20trailer has just dropped – and it’s looking spectacular. Fans have eagerly awaited further information about FIFA 20 and it seems EA Sports have provided as they gear up for Gamescom 2019.

New free kicks, 1v1s and smarter finishing had all been whispered after E3, and we can now see exactly how these are executed in-game thanks to their most recent post.

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Timed finishing

Timed finishing is as brilliant as it is frustrating. We all love to see a ball fly into the top corner from 25 yards, but when it happens again and again, the magic is lost. It has now been adjusted, with Composed finishing ensuring one-on-ones are easier, and volleyed efforts are more difficult.

New shot trajectories will see shots dip, fade and swerve to add even more realism, as part of the new ball physics for FIFA 20. Football Informed Motion introduces more authentic ball spins and bounces, which will also play in a big role in all the different venues available in Volta as well.

Free kicks and penalties

Free kicks are incredibly difficult to score on FIFA 19, and penalties have been even more of a lottery than they are in real life. A new set piece refresh will show a circular target of where shot is going, providing a clearer indication of where you are aiming.

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Strafe Dribbling

The introduction of Volta Football means there will be an emphasis on close control, and this has been added in the form of the strafe dribbling mechanic. This enables the attacker to move with more agility than ever to lure your opponent in before beating them with speed or skill.

Strafe dribbling is just one component of what EA have labelled as Decisive Moments. With these new attacking skills, controlled tackling will bolster the defence, providing more intelligent tackling which increases the chance of winning the ball back. For instance, the defender directing the tackle towards a teammate to ensure they regain the ball.

There is now also Natural Player Motion creating sharper movement and more intelligent positioning, with AI players moving in a more natural and composed fashion and potentially opening up space for their teammates.

Goalkeeper movement

Goalkeeper movement is another aspect that has faced much criticism, with it being highly unrealistic. Have you ever seen a goalkeeper run across his goal as the striker shoots to gather the ball in his arms? This is now being addressed, as well as the superhuman reactions from one-on-ones.

TacticsTactics received a massive overhaul for FIFA 19, but they have been overpowered. Take Liverpool’s Gegenpress under Jurgen Klopp, they press very hard on FIFA, but if the opponent can keep the ball for 20 seconds, the press is beaten, exposing Liverpool's defence. As a result, your defensive depth needs to be incredibly deep, otherwise the opponent can get in behind the back four. A slight adjustment here and the fans will be happy.

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Gamescom 2019 is fast approaching and we may hear more about the future of FIFA 20. Read more about Gamescom here.

Written ByTalal Musa@TalalMusa

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