FIFA 20 Gameplay Details: FIFA Street, Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses, Pro Clubs Info, Career Mode Details And More

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The annual release of FIFA has been announced with details on this year’s version, FIFA 20, were announced at E3 via EA Play; pre-orders are available now.

Release Date

FIFA 20 is released on the 27th September – but if you have EA Access you can get it earlier on the 19th September! FIFA 20 will return with full licenses around the Champions League and Europa League. PC players will also be able to get EA Access.


The biggest announcement from the latest version of the game is that FIFA 20 FIFA Street will make a return since it’s last appearance in 2012 called ‘Volta’.

You can play 3v3 Rush (no goalkeepers), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal.

Customisation has already been confirmed in various ways. You can play on pitches with and without walls from an underpass in Amsterdam, to a neighbourhood cage in London and a rooftop in Tokyo.

There’s a story mode that allows you customise your avatar from gender, hair style, clothing tattoos, emotes and more. Like the old FIFA Street modes, you can build up your squad as you progress.

Volta is also supported online; you can use your team in Volta League or use a pro team in the Volta kick-off.

Volta is supported on all major platforms apart from Nintendo Switch (Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC).

FIFA 20 Gameplay

After consulting over 3,000 players, from pro to amateur, they collected feedback to create something called ‘football intelligence’.


So what is this? It’s a combination of features that improve the three main components of the match: on the ball, off the ball and the ball itself.

On the ball, they’re enhancing these on the ball moments by giving the player new attacking and defending tools.

Off the ball, they’re re-architecting the flow to give players more time and space on the ball. This creates more one-on-one situations with the defender and dribbler; the more skilful players will be able to get the most out of this. The idea is that players will need to use more user based defending mechanics rather than relying on the AI to assist with this.

And finally, the ball itself has a new physics engine to create a more authentic gameplay experience.


There was also a concept mention called ‘decisive moments’, which gives players the tools to make sure these moments are in their control. Four features that impact these moments are: composed finishing, strafe dribbling, controlled tackling and the new penalty kicks and free-kicks.

Composed finishing is all about being more clinical and consistent in front of goal, especially in a one-on-one with the keeper. The aim is to create a more realistic outcome with shooting; the more difficult the shot, the harder it will be to score. This will have a very positive impact on timed finishing, especially as they are making changes to the mechanic itself.

Strafe dribbling is being adjusted to give the player more control and more options when in attack. This will allow players - who have mastered the technique - to thrive as well as make players in the game that are great at dribbling shine.

Controlled tackling, which uses the sophistication from last year’s active touch engine, has been improved to ensure you win back possession when tackling in the right context.

Penalties and Free Kick aiming mechanics have been changed to be more accessible but maintain a depth of skill to separate the best from the rest. In free kicks, you will now be able to have full control on the spin you apply to the ball: side spin, top spin or no spin are all options based on how you swing your right stick.


Every bounce and every interaction will have a unique reaction now a revamped physics engine has been implemented for FIFA 20. Spin now plays a key role in the trajectory of every pass, cross or shot.

The ball will, as a result, have more variety in its behaviour with realistic deflections and flight paths when hit in a certain way e.g. a finesse shot will have different curve and a powered shot will have different dip.

Physical Attribute Changes

Pace and strength are being tweaked to help make a more realistic feel and reflect a player’s stats. This should create less situations with players of different stats having incorrect duels in these areas.

New Skill Moves

New skill moves will be coming to the new FIFA (although there is no information on what they are) and we will see them feature later this year. Skill moves are also being adjusted to be more realistic as well as allowing a more authentic outcome when chaining them together.


Pro Clubs & Career Mode

No news has been released on any modes specifically, however we do have a road map for information as the game’s release draws closer. A

  • Gameplay: Mid-July
  • Career Mode: End of July
  • Pro Clubs: End of July
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: Early August
  • Volta Football: Early August

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91

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