FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Icons: Release Dates For Base, Middle, Prime And Moments And How To Get Them In FUT 20

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FIFA 20's Ultimate Team introduces 15 new Icons to the game, bringing the total available in FUT to 89. Many will be wondering how and when they can get their hands on the base, middle, prime and moments versions of these Icon cards.

Winter Refresh will see Icon Prime Moments finally released into the game after an extensive waiting period.

There will be a major change in how Icons are distributed in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, with an overhaul to their availability within the season, through SBCs and Icon Swaps. Here are the details.

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When Can I Get The Base, Middle, Prime And Moments Icons?

Base Icons (September-December 2019)

The 'Base Icon' reflects a time in the player’s career when they were still developing and had not yet reached their full potential. Select Prime Icon will be available in FUT Draft during this same period.

Mid Icons (September-February 2019)

The 'Mid Icon' reflects an later in their career when they had to adapt their playstyle to stay near the top of their game. Select Prime Icon will be available in FUT Draft during this same period.

Prime Icons (December 2019-September 2019)

The 'Prime Icon' reflects an era of an Icon's career where they were consistently at the height of their skills and abilities. Select Prime Icon will be available in FUT Draft during this same period.

Moments Icons (February- September 2020)

The 'Moments Icon' focuses on a truly memorable, historic performance in an Icon's career that elevated them to one of the all-time greats. This is the highest-rated version of the card in FUT 20, the moment this card was based on in FUT 19 will not necessarily be used for this FIFA.  Select Prime Icons will be available in FUT Draft during this same period.

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Icon SBCs

A big aim for this year's FIFA is making Icons more accessible to FUT players. One big issue with Icons in past games is that they were needed to complete SBCs and as a result were used as tools rather than lucrative additions to your squad.

FUT 20 will be introducing the following SBC requirements for Icons:

  • ICONs will not be used as requirements in SBCs.
  • Minimum quick sell price for Icons has been lowered to 63,750 FUT Coins.
  • Specific guaranteed Icon Pack SBCs will continue to be released during FUT 20
  • There will be no individual or player pick Icon SBCs in FUT 20
  • Player pack Icon SBCs will be replaced with Icon Swaps

Icon Swaps

This is a way for players to earn Icons in FUT 20 by exchanging player tokens (very similar to FUT Swaps in FIFA 19).

Players can complete player token objectives, gain player tokens and redeem them for available Icon rewards.

There will be 3 Icon swaps released throughout the year:

  • Each Icon Swaps release will contain at least 20 individual Icons (Untradeable).
  • Player Tokens can also be redeemed for select Guaranteed Icon Packs during each Swaps release.
  • Each Icon Swaps release will contain a range of Icon versions.
  • If an Icon has already been released in an Icon Swaps Release, it will not have any other versions released in a Future Icon Swaps Release.
  • Icon Swaps objectives will reflect the rewards on offer.

Each Icon Swaps release will have a unique set of Player Tokens tied to it

  • Each Individual Icon in an Icon Swaps will require a certain number of Player Tokens in order to redeem.
  • Each Player Token can only be redeemed in that specific Icon Swaps release and does not roll over to the next Icon Swaps release.
  • The Player Tokens will be released over the duration of each Icon Swaps release.
  • Similar to FUT Swap Deals, you will need to choose which Icons you want to unlock based on how many Player Tokens you have earned.

The first Icon Swaps will be released on October 11th 2019 and will run until December. This will allow you to earn select Prime Icons before they go into packs.

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