FIFA 20 Icon Moments: Release Date, Cards, Ratings, SBCs, Card Design Stats And More

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The moment big spenders have been waiting for has finally arrived as Winter Refresh provides us with Icon Moments cards.

Icon Moments cards are some of the most luxurious cards in the entirety of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team - many are considered "end game" cards.

So which cards are involved and what are their ratings? Here are the latest details


What Are Icon Moments

Icon Moments are essentially upgraded cards of the icons in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

First introduced in FIFA 19, these cards are usually a small upgrade from an icon's prime version, based off of a significant moment in their career.

It wouldn't be out of the question for some of these cards to feature different moments in their career to reflect different stats and positions.

Stats are unlikely to change compared to last year either, based on the few cards we have seen.

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Release Date


It's unknown exactly when these items will drop, but based on the hints that EA have provided with us, we can be sure they will feature during the Winter Refresh promotional event.

The Winter Refresh event starts at 6pm GMT.

In order to not overshadow the promotional event itself, there will likely be a strategy around these cards, either coming later in the event, in waves or as SBCs.

Alternatively, it could be they're added to packs and will feature a very very low pack weight.

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Confirmed Icon Moments

So far we only know the ratings for 3 Icon Moments cards thanks to EA's announcement.

  • 99 Maradonna
  • 97 Ronaldo
  • 96 Cruyff