FIFA 20 Icon Swaps Set 3 LIVE: Rewards, Objectives And Advice

The Icon Swaps 3 in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, have ARRIVED with Icon Swaps 2 coming to an end TODAY.

With this being the last swap of the year, we're expecting them to go big with a few of the most recent Prime Moments Icon cards to be included.

Here's what we know about Icon Swaps Set 3.

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Latest News 

Icon Swaps Set 3 Is Live! - 13th 

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Prime Icon Pack Spotted In Code - 13th March - 10:10 GMT

Spotted by u/roryhersee a line of code has been added for a Prime Icon Pack.

Icon Swaps Set 3 Token Card Designs - 13th March 10:00 GMT

EA have added the card designs for the tokens used to claim your Icon Swaps Set 3 prizes.

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When Will FIFA 20 Icon Swaps Set 3 Release?

We're expecting Icon Swaps Set 3 to release in the next week as Icon Swap Set 2 is due to expire today, Friday, March 13th, plenty of rumours are circulating that it will arrive tonight.

We're at least expecting Icon Swaps Set 3 to be announced soon after, by Friday, March 20th at the latest.

Given that Icon Swap Set 3 will span multiple FUT Seasons, with icon swap tokens being staggered across these seasons, expect to be able to receive all of your Icon Swap Set 3 tokens by May-June.


Key predicted dates:
  • 13th Mar - FUT Season 6 and Icon Swap Set 2 Expires

With this in mind, I expect Icon Swap Set 3 to arrive around Mid March, assuming of course that EA decides to release two 3-week FUT seasons for the remaining 12 tokens for Icon Swap Set 2.


Icon Swap Set 3 Predictions

As Moments Icons aren’t currently available in FUT, we’ll be releasing a full Icon Swap Set 3 Prediction a little closer to the Set 3 release.

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