FIFA 20: Icon Swaps 4 - Release Date, Players, Rewards, Objectives And More

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With FIFA 20 Ultimate Team reaching the end of TOTS So Far and Season 7 about to kick-off, players will say goodbye to Icon Swaps 3.

But what's next for Icons in FUT and what will be offered next? EA has only promised three Icon Swaps in FUT 20.

Here's what we know about Icon Swaps 4.

Release Date

Currently, there is no release date for Icon Swaps 4, as there are no plans for a fourth iteration of swaps. If Icon Swaps 4 was to begin, it would start with Season 7 of FUT.


What Icon Content Will There Be?

Due to Icon Swaps 4 not actually taking place, we expect there won't be much Icon content to come from FIFA 20.

However, the Mid Icon upgrade SBC expires very soon. This will ultimately make way for a Prime Icon SBC and potentially a Prime Icon Moments SBC in the future.

The Prime Icon SBC will likely last the period of two seasons based on what has arrived before it.

In order to complete the Prime Icon SBC, it's unclear what the player will need to submit. The mid-icon SBC required an 86 rated squad (including one TOTW or TOTW Moments card) and an 88 rated squad.

If we were to guess, it would require at least an 89 rated squad and 90 rated squad. This shouldn't be too unachievable, as many players will have gained access to a lot of TOTS So Far FUT Champs picks.

Hopefully, EA is aware of the fact that a lot of Prime Icon players are no longer considered "meta" and will not make the SBC too expensive.

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