FIFA 20: FUT Season 7 - Release Date, Rewards And Storyline Predictions

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With the 6th official season of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Season Rewards coming to an end this Friday at 6pm, as the Ultimate Team of the Season So Far is expected to arrive in FUT, let’s take a look at all the expected rewards and content coming this Friday, in the 7th new season of FUT rewards.

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FUT Season 7 Release Date

FUT Season 7 is now live as of Friday, June 5th at 6pm UK. 

The season will last 42 days total.


No More Icon Swaps - What Next?

With the 3rd and final Icon Swap Set officially coming to an end this Friday andthe final set of tokens set to expire, it does beg the question, what will be the new types of content coming to keep the player base engaged over the summer?

With Prime Icon and Icon Moments packs still yet to be released in FUT, many are anticipating that perhaps we may see some Objectives for packs, with a first owner requirement, similar to Icon Swaps.

Other rumours include greater levels of Player Objectives throughout the coming months, to keep people engaged, as well as new Milestone Objective Cards.

As it stands, there is no Icon Swaps 4 coming to FUT.


New Icon Packs

While Icon Swap content will officially be coming to an end, it’s highly likely that we’ll still see some form of Icon Content in FUT over the coming weeks. 

With the Mid Icon upgrade set to expire at the conclusion of this FUT season, it’s highly likely that we see a Prime, or even potentially a Moments Icon repeatable SBC as a replacement, allowing people to continue grinding the game throughout the conclusion of the Team of the Season So Far promotion, and into the summer of FUT.

FUT Season 7 Rewards

As with all the FUT Seasons, we should be expecting to see a tonne of rewards available during the next set of season rewards, including:


  • Storyline Players
  • TOTSSF Themed Cards
  • Loan Icons
  • Untradeable Packs
  • Tifos, Stadium Themes, Badges, Balls and other club customisation items

Here are the storyline players:

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Here's a list of all the rewards:

  1. Coin Boost
  2. Gold Pack
  3. Gold Pack
  4. Tifo
  5. Loan Prime Pirlo
  6. Club Badge
  7. Gold Pack
  8. Stadium Theme
  9. Gold Pack
  10. Loan Prime Ronaldinho
  11. Swim! Celebration
  12. Club Badge
  13. Gold Pack
  14. Pack
  15. 89 Storyline Player - Sabbi, Gil Dias, Miranda
  16. Tifo
  17. Pack
  18. Pack
  19. Club Badge
  20. Pack
  21. Stadium Theme
  22. Loan Prime Maradonna
  23. Pack
  24. Pack
  25. The Cannonball Celebration
  26. Ruby Hoard Stadium Theme
  27. Pack
  28. The Mime Celebration
  29. Ruby Hoard Tifo
  30. 91 Storyline Player - Gabriel Jesus, Blaise Matuidi, Julian Draxler

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