Samurai Shodown: All Baiken Special Moves Revealed

SNK has recently released a new Baiken trailer in Samurai Shodown which features the crossover character's special moves. Baiken mostly retains most of her signature tools from Guilty Gear and uses some of it with a weight of a Samurai Shodown character. Here's what she can do in this SNK fighting game.

Character Special Moves Trailer

As seen from the official SNK Youtube Channel's video, Baiken's special moves for her appearance in Samurai Shodown were showcased. The video doesn't have labels for what her special moves are. However, players who've seen her in Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 can see familiar moves from her.

So far, Baiken's appearance in Samurai Shodown hugely borrows from the source game. New moves for Baiken are few for this title as she gets her own Samurai Shodown Issen super for this game.. Nevertheless, the special moves she has access in keeps her a defensive powerhouse due to great options after successfully parrying a move.

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Most Moves Intact

So far, Baiken's special moves that made it in Samurai Shodown are mainly her Azami parry, Kabari claw hook, Tsubame Gaeshi tatami floor flip and some attack followups after Azami or Kabari. Moreover, her jumping Dust attack where she shoots a cannon blast from her arm also makes it in the game as a special move too.

On the other end, her Tsurane Sanzu-Watashi Overdrive Super has been remade into her Weapon Flipping attack in Samurai Shodown. If she lands this move on her foe, she disarms them of their weapon. Most characters in Samurai Shodown are at a disadvantage when disarmed as they can only attack with shorter ranged punches and kicks without their weapon.

Lastly, her instant kill Garyo Tensei has also been made into a high damaging super that deals at least 70% of her opponent's health on hit.

Missing Moves From Guilty Gear

Overall, Samurai Shodown's Baiken almost has everything of her moves from her likeness in Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2. She mostly doesn't have most of Guilty Gear's game systems such as the attack gatlings and her air dash. The air mobility she could have if she had access to her air dashes would make her a strong pick in this game as most characters are stuck with grounded mobility in this game.

The Xrd Rev2 Gatling system in Guilty Gear allows Baiken to directly link moves into stronger attacks which gives her fast, multi-hitting combos when she lands a hit on her opponent. She has some form of this system as seen on the part where she lands a 2-hit punish on Ruixiang early in the video. The 2-hit punish is reminiscent of her close Slash and standing Heavy Slash attack in the Guilty Gear series which is a showcase that she still has some gatling combos in Samurai Shodown.

Overall, Baiken is a new character with many options to attack and even defensively push an advantage if you play her in Samurai Shodown.

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