Samurai Shodown: Release Date, Platforms, Remake, Gameplay, Trailer and Everything You Need To Know

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Samurai Shodown was a title originally released all the way back in 1993.

Now, the game has seen multiple remasters and other iterations of the series, and a brand new one is coming to stores soon.


Here's everything you need to know regarding the new Samurai Shodown! 


Release Date

The developers behind the Samurai Shodown franchise, SNK posted a brand new YouTube trailer for the all-new Samurai Shodown.


Within the description of this YouTube video, we can note that the release date is going to be March 16th, 2021! 



Check out the brand new trailer for Samurai Shodown below! 




It appears that the brand new Samurai Shodown is only going to release on certain platforms.

More specifically, it will release on the Xbox Series X/S exclusively, and we do not know if there are any plans to release it on other platforms in the near future.


But, we will be sure to update this page if we hear any more news regarding this!


Leaks and Rumors

No news on this front as of yet.


We can expect some more leaks and rumors to pile in closer to the release of the game.

Be sure to check back within the next couple of weeks or so!