Samurai Shodown: Guilty Gear Crossover Character Baiken Joins Roster In Mid August

SNK has finally revealed the crossover character from Guilty Gear to be Baiken, who'll join the Samurai Shodown roster. This one-armed samurai still uses an assortment of weaponry to fight her foes in SNK's title. Here's what we know about Baiken's reveal for this game.

Release Date

According to Baiken's trailer from SNK, she will be playable in Samurai Shodown on August 19, 2021. As confirmed from the trailer, Baiken's likeness in Samurai Shodown is taken from her likeness in a previous Guilty Gear entry particularly her appearance in Xrd Rev2.

On the other end, Arc System Works has also confirmed a new character for Guilty Gear Strive near the end of August. Similar to Baiken, Jack O Valentine from the Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator is confirmed as the second DLC character for the latest Guilty Gear entry.

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Who Is Baiken

In the Guilty Gear story, Baiken is one of the last surviving Japanese people in the world. Earlier in the series, the whole nation of Japan was eradicated in a massive blast after the first Gear, Justice, tried her powers on it.

In the world of Guilty Gear, Japanese people can tap into an innate power called Ki which can be used as magic. Baiken uses little Ki in her fighting and often relies on her katana and an assortment of weapons hidden under her severed arm. It's still unknown how SNK will make her fit into the world of Samurai Shodown which is set in 18th-century Japan.

Baiken's Fighting Style

Playstyle-wise, Baiken's strengths in Xrd Rev2 were her strong defensive arsenal using her Azami parry and rewarding but high commitment rushdown if she decides to take the initiative. Overall, she was a powerhouse that rewarded players if for decisive approaches and excellent defence.

In the Samurai Shodown trailer, most of her tools in Xrd Rev2 were carried over for her crossover appearance in the SNK title. However, Samurai Shodown's signature heft and slower gameplay can be seen in this iteration of Baiken. She doesn't have access to air dashing and is only seen doing her Tsubame Gaeshi move only on the ground.

For now, we'll have to wait on her release to see the balance in between her original Guilty Gear gameplay and Samurai Shodown system mixed for this crossover character.

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