Ubisoft Has Added a Far Cry 6 DLC to Uno

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Ubisoft introduce Uno: The Call of Yara, a new Far Cry 6 and Yara inspired DLC for the classic Uno card game.
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Far Cry 6 developer, Ubisoft, has just released the next best spin on the classic card game, Uno, for when you need to take a break from the tough life of Dani Rojas and their fight for freedom. The introduction of a colourful, Yaran-themed Uno DLC has been named The Call of Yara DLC, which brings Far Cry 6 to your Uno table. The DLC is available to purchase for £3.99 or $4.99 on all platforms.

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Ubisoft revealed the DLC in a Youtube video. The video displays examples of how you can expect the gameplay to be, as well as some twists it has added to the classic card game to make it more fun and personal to Far Cry 6.

Whilst playing The Call of Yara, you'll be able to play Uno as if you're sat at the dominoes table of Far Cry 6. The cards are inspired by favourite characters, the currency used is Yaran Pesos, and the soundtrack to this Uno DLC is the one you'll be very much familiar with after some time in Yara.

When the game begins, each player will have seven cards and 300 Pesos, then collecting another 100 Pesos at the beginning of each new round. The currency can be used to employ the assistance of various legends - such as Dani Rojas or Juan Cortez - with each legend having their own perks and price. The way that each character can impact gameplay is as follows:


Lucky Mama

  • 200 Pesos: Prevent one player from hiring a legend during their next turn.
  • 400 Pesos: Prevent all players, except yourself, from hiring a legend during their next turn.

Dani Rojas

  • 500 Pesos: Choose one player to draw between one and six cards.
  • 800 Pesos: All players, except yourself, must draw between one and six cards.

Philly Barzaga

  • 600 Pesos: Combine four colours to create a Wild card that you can play immediately.
  • 1000 Pesos: Combine four colours to create a Wild card +4 that you can play immediately.

Juan Cortez

  • 600 Pesos: Discard between one and three cards.
  • 1300 Pesos: Discard between four and six cards.
The Call of Yara Uno DLC, inspired by Far Cry 6 and Yara, table and cards being shown in the Ubisoft trailer.

And as if this isn't enough to refresh the game of Uno further, The Guerrilla Broadcaster card has also been introduced in The Call of Yara DLC. This card is your riskiest card, with its outcome affecting the Pesos of every player in your game. You could become overloaded with Pesos and be able to hire every legend you wish, or you could very well lose everything you have... but that's part of the fun!


For more ideas of what else you can do during your time in Yara - beyond venturing off to play the Uno DLC - we recommend our guide on the best things to do outside of the main story.