Fallout 76 Ballistic Fiber Farm Locations (2021) | How & Where To Find a Lot of Ballistic Fiber

High-level armors are often a necessity to continue to the endgame quests of Fallout 76. To craft these strong armors, players will need a good stockpile of Ballistic Fiber to secure. Here's how and where you can find a lot Ballistic Fiber fast in Fallout 76.

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Before You Start Farming Ballistic Fibers

Before starting to collect these items, Ballistic Fiber is one of the game's most extremely valuable resources. It can be difficult to find as Ballistic Fiber can only be found in military camps and dismantling some materials. So far, these items are the best known sources for Ballistic Fibers.

  • Torn Mothman Wings
  • Military Ammo Bag
  • Military-grade Duct Tape

Mothmen are rare encounters in Fallout 76 which make them unreliable sources for Ballistic Fiber. However, military loot can be found reliably in military camps. Prepare to raid and take as much of this loot to secure a lot of Ballistic Fiber for armor crafting needs.

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Best Locations To Farm Ballistic Fiber In Fallout 76?

Take a visit to the following areas to find these military items:

  • Fort Defiance - Top floor has these loot
  • Camp McClintlock - Look inside the buildings for Ammo bags
  • Watoga, City Center - the area around the crashlanded Vertibird has the goods
  • Survey Camp Alpha - The loot can be found in tents and all the loot littered in the area
  • Survey Camp Delta - The loot can also be found in tents and all the loot littered in the area
  • Spruce Knob - This area have the loot all around it.

What Items Give You Ballistic Fiber In Fallout 76?

Alternatively, other loot can also be dismantled to get Ballistic Fiber. Here's a list of loot that gives out Ballistic Fiber

  • Ballistic Fiber Scrap - 1 Ballistic Fiber
  • Bulk Ballistic Fiber - 10 Ballistic Fiber
  • Military ammo bag - 2 Ballistic Fiber
  • Military-grade Duct Tape - 2 Ballistic Fiber
  • Mysterious Fur - 1 Ballistic Fiber
  • Torn Mothman Wing - 1 Ballistic Fiber

Once players have alot of Ballistic Fiber, crafting Ballistic Weave can now be possible which are used on the better armors and defensive equipment in the game.

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