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Where is Minerva In Fallout 76 Today & What Is She Selling?

Fallout 76 players may be familiar with Minerva but for those who don't know, she is a travelling vendor in Appalachia, accompanied by her bodyguard, Tommy Ten-Toes and her brahmin Minos.

Minerva sells "recreations" of rare plans and recipes for you to buy with you hard-earned gold bullion.

You'll find her spawning into the game every Monday to Wednesday, and like so many other great in-game vendors - such as Xur or Baro Ki'teer - her location changes randomly each week. Although we know she'll always be found in one of three possible locations: Foundation, The Crater, or Fort Atlas.


Every so often, she'll also host a very special event, known as "Minvera’s Big Sale”. Traditionally these rare in-game events run from Thursday to Monday but they're less frequent, happening once a month.

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Fallout 76 Minerva Locations

Thankfully for you, we have a handy interactive map (below) that shows precisely where she can be found in Appalachia.

Though we cannot say for certain where she will be without checking and updating this page regularly, we have marked all three locations on the below interactive map to help you find your way.

Where Is Minerva in Fallout 76 Today?


Minerva is not in Fallout 76 right now, but she returns to Appalachia on September 20, 2021.

Minerva has returned to Fallout 76 and can be found at Fort Atlas.

We've provided a countdown below for when she will depart the game. Mark your diaries, or bookmark this page.

Time until Minerva Leaves Fallout 76


Minerva Inventory This Week

What Is Minerva selling this week? That's the more important question to ask. It doesn't really matter if you know where to find her if she's selling a load of junk.

So save yourself the hassle and check out what she is selling just below:


Follow the links to the Fallout.Wiki for more details on each item.

When Is Minerva's next 'Big Sale' event

According to some sleuthing by the community, the next "Minvera’s Big Sale" event should take place from September 9 to 13.

Nothing is in the pipe for now, but we might get another big sale in November when Minerva's inventory resets.