With 30 seconds left, Moist Esports is last to be voted into Smash Ultimate Summit 3

Moist Esports has been trying to get into Smash Ultimate Summit 3, as we reported on previously. They are currently 2-0 for their tournaments, making them the league's highest (un)rated team. With only 30 seconds to spare, they could get enough votes to be the last team to enter Smash Ultimate Summit 3.

Votes cost money, and Charles' Moist Cr1tiKal' White Jr. used his subscriber count of over 8 million to get close to the finals. After that, Current, a banking app, sponsored the team and helped them enter the tournament. The video below from Moist Cr1tiKal shows how close the voting was during the last 2 minutes.

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Smash Ultimate Summit 3 voting finished with Moist Esports winning a spot

If you don't know, voting in Smash Ultimate Summit 3 costs money. To get that far, Moist Cr1tiKal emptied his PayPal account, which he said was worth $7,000 to get there. He received help from Current after contacting subscribers and viewers. Current is a banking app that gave him $17,000 to enter his player in the tournament.

Video starts at 00:40

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Charlie put the last of the money into the tournament with less than 30 seconds left. Fortunately, Moist Kola will represent Moist Esports in yet another tournament. Charlie's cheer at the end was terrific. He couldn't have been more nervous.

According to Moist Cr1tiKal, the money required to enter Smash Ultimate Summit 3 is "astronomical." In Moist Cr1tiKal's own words:

"I had already emptied my Paypal for Kola in the previous rounds and it wasn't enough because the amount of money that is required to amke it to Summit this year was f***ing astronomical. It would have been cheaper to buy a house. You could have actually bought five f***ing super cars and then maybe even a spot on Elon Musk's next space adventure for a cheaper price than it would be to attend Summit this year."

You get two votes for every $1 spent in the Smash.gg shop, according to our calculations. In addition to this, there are also rewards given, but we will just compare the amount to the normal amount. 166,786 votes were given to Moist Kola, which cost $83,393 in the very last round of voting. It's unclear how many votes were made on the previous rounds.

The formation of this team is an exciting process. Moist Cr1tiKal will wear Moist Esports gear, not to sell yet, but to show as prototypes. Furthermore, they allow their players to keep all of the prizes they win. Indeed, this team is meant for greatness.

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