Moist Cr1tiKal Just Started An Esports Team And Signed His First Player 'Moist Kola'

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Thanks to Moist Cr1tiKal and his new Esports Team, gaming will never be the same. The only people I would have thought would start an Esports team would be NickMercs, Dr DisRespect, and Valkyrae. Moist Cr1tiKal acquired a fantastic player and is planning on paying him full time if things go well.

Moist Kola has won every game he's played under Moist Esports as of writing this article. Moist Cr1tiKal, known as Charlie to his fans, must be ecstatic for his 100% win streak. The next competition that Moist Esports will participate in is Smash Ultimate Summit 3.


Note: Below, we also have a video where Charlie talks about his journey building this Esports team.

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Moist Cr1tiKal started an Esports Team that has won every game they've played

Moist Cr1tiKal is one of the original YouTube stars who has stayed true to the original YouTube style. Earlier this week, he tweeted out that we need to vote for the player he plays as, Moist Kola, for Smash Ultimate Summit 3! Everyone should vote for his player because Charlie's word should have been enough for Kola to participate.

Charlie talks about his journey in this YouTube video, and I won't recommend a spot since every bit counts. Analyze even the spots where he takes a breath.


There is no denying that Moist Cr1tiKal is one of the most down-to-earth YouTubers, and he loves putting on a show that he has a huge ego. Still, if you've watched him, you know this is a big deal for him to finally use his influence in the Video Game Industry and Esports. The Moist Esports is now my favorite esports organization and should be yours too!

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