Splitgate Named "Best FPS Game" By Moist Cr1tikal

Splitgate has received a good deal of love from the streaming community. Even if it has flown a bit under the radar. Still, there are some like Moist Cr1tikal who are in love with the game already.

During the entire playthrough, he was very curious about the possibility of making Splitgate a real Esport. The video itself is named “Best FPS game,” which is a massive vote of confidence. So far, it’s easy to see that Charlie will be a huge fan of this game.

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Moist Cr1tikal’s wants to be signed up for Splitgate's Esports scene.

Moist Cr1tikal recently played Splitgate over the stream. It was a real first impression video as it started with him facing bots and moving to real players. He falls in love with the game quickly, saying things like:

“Charles is feeling it… This feels so f***ing good. It makes me feel like I’m back to 2004 in the best way.”

As the game progressed, Charlie became so enamored with it that he started asking about the future of the game. He asked if pro teams would support it, and continued to inquire if it would be played as part of an esports league. As of right now, it looks like the game will be part of the Esports Realm.

It's hugely important for any game to be loved by big streamers. Currently, Splitgate has Moist Cr1tikal.

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