Destiny 2 Beyond Light: New Raid TEASED

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The Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion is finally upon us, and fans are hungry for the new content!

There’ll be plenty of new exotics, story missions and quests to complete but all of that pales in comparison to the new raid!


Details are scarce right now, but we got a little tease recently that already has fans scouring the short video for any clues.

When does the Destiny 2 Beyond Light Raid Release?

After Beyond Light drops November 10, you have eleven days until November 21 when the raid releases.

Check out our article on the release date for more in-depth information!


What will players face in the Beyond Light Raid?

We aren’t 100% sure but many clues point to players facing some kind of Exo-related threat.

Europa, the icy moon of Jupiter which Beyond Light is set on, is the birthplace of the Exo, so perhaps these details will tie into the raid in some way.

Almost teasing this exact scenario Bungie put out a Tweet which included a short video and a Clovis Bray quote.


Fans will recognise Bray as the man who’s company developed Rasputin, the Warmind who saved the city from the Almighty in the public event a few months ago!

Perhaps we’ll see more of how the scientist was involved in the Exo creation, just have to wait and see!

“The human mind in a mechanical body...We are at the cusp of major breakthroughs in making this a reality.” -Clovis Bray EXOSCIENCE, recovered backlogs
— Destiny 2 (@DestinyTheGame)
November 6, 2020

In the above tweet, we see models for a new robotic creature, perhaps the boss of the raid, alongside multiple sciency hallways which could make up the design of the dungeon players must traverse.


An evil Exo could make for an interesting villain, especially if it has control over this Braytech facility!

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If you had to ask for some wild speculation, we might also see the return of Cayde in some form! While this is a real shot in the dark, the fan favourite character was an Exo who had a well documented difficult past involving his creators.

We also know the darkness has been creating nightmares of our fallen foes to fight us, perhaps it could resurrect our friends as well?