PlayStation 5: Sony add PS5 Remote Play app to PS4, WHY?

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Sony has added a strange PS5 Remote Play app to PS4s and people are a bit confused.

As PS5s are not yet out in the wild, we aren’t quite sure of the full functions of the program but regardless it still begs an important question.


What is the app actually for?

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What is PS5 Remote Play?

We don't yet know for sure but the new Remote Play App will likely function the same way as the PSVita one did.

You’ll be able to use your home console from a different device wherever you are.

Though, while this made sense for using the PS4 on the Vita, as the Vita is portable, it makes less sense for using the PS5 on the PS4.

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Sure the current-gen console is slightly smaller and maybe more portable than the next-gen machine, but it’s not much better.

You’d still need the console, TVand all the cables with you for it to work.

The only thing we can work out is perhaps the app will let people who travel to access their home console from hotel rooms, without risking damage to their new hardware.

A niche use-case for sure but it’s at least one reason!

Twitter user @ItsAdamBurman suggested perhaps you could also play PS5 using a PS4 at a friend’s house, though again the use cases for this seem low to warrant the app.

fair enough
— R4YY ا #Æsquad (@rayyisnotbaee)
November 9, 2020

Perhaps the app is to serve these small use cases, living up to Sony’s ‘For the Players’ mantra.


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Is there more to PS5 Remote Play?

In what would be a very convoluted system, which would create more questions than answers, PS5 Remote Play could be an app to allow the PSVita to connect to a PS5.

Using the current integration between the portable machine and the PS4, players could then remote play their PS5 and have access to that from their PSVita,

This multi-step solution is not outside of Sony’s wheelhouse, especially after the name change debacles in recent years, but it is needlessly complicated.

The Vita wasn't popular, but it has a special place in our hearts


Why not have a PS5 to PSVita remote play directly?

Perhaps at launch, we will understand the app better, but until then we’ll just have to wait and speculate!

What are your theories? Let us know!