ESO Witches Festival 2021: Start Date and Everything We Know

The ESO Witches Festival puts the spotlight on all things dark and spooky in Tamriel when the Halloween season rolls around, and dishes out treats aplenty. From the Witchmother and special quests to costumes, XP boosts, and more, the ESO Witches Festival is a chance to get plenty of new items.

There’s also at least one new set of achievements or a rare mount to get your hands on as well. The event has been a season staple for the past several years, and while ZeniMax hasn’t announced any details for the ESO Witches Festival 2021, we’d be surprised if it didn’t make a return this year. Here's what we know so far.

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Latest News

7 October 2021 -

ZeniMax pulled a number of new cosmetics out of the cauldron, including outfit styles, weapon skins, and more. Here's what to expect and where you'll find it.

ESO Halloween 2021 Cosmetics - ESO Plus Exclusive

  • Sai Sahan statue, free for ESO Plus members from October 7 through November 18

ESO Halloween 2021 Cosmetics - Crown Gem Exclusive

  • Hollowjack Netch, available in the Crown Store during the Witch's Festival

There's a range of additional cosmetics with their own limited availability, including masks, crafting gear, weapon packs, and more. Check out the full list of ESO Halloween cosmetics on the Crown Store overview page.

1 October 2021 -

It's now officially October and the spooky season is nearly here. Get ready for some Witches Festval news pretty soon!

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When does ESO Witches Festival 2021 start?

Previous years’ events give a solid idea of when we can expect the 2021 Witches Festival to start. In 2020, it began October 22, and the start date was October 24 the year before. The festival usually runs for more than a week, and ZeniMax has been known to extend the duration from time to time.

The specifics of each event change each year, but you can expect the following

  • New quests
  • Special boss fights
  • Costumes
  • Event tickets that reward you with exclusive or rare items

And we rather hope there's some additional visual spectacle this year, with the new PS5 and XSX|S upgrade ESO received over the summer.

We'll update when more information is announced.

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