Square Enix E3 2021 Predictions: Final Fantasy, Babylon's Fall, Marvel, And More

There’s a lot we could potentially see from Square Enix E3 2021, from brand-new IP to new installments of classic RPGs and potentially everything in between.

Square Enix announced some of its E3 2021 plans already, including the debut of the Marvel’s Avengers Wakanda content and a worldwide reveal that could be Final Fantasy Origin.

We won’t have long to find out, though.

The Square Enix E3 2021 presentation goes live June 13 at 8:15 p.m. BST/3:15 p.m. EST.

Here’s what we know is going to show up and what we think has a pretty good chance of making an appearance.


E3 2021 COUNTDOWN - June 13

There's not long to go before Square Enix's E3 Presentation 'Square Enix Presents' gets underway.

We already know you'll be able to see the World Premiere of a new game by Eidos Montreal, plus updates on BABYLON’S FALL, Life is Strange: True Colors and plenty more.

The show goes live on Sunday, June 13 at 12:15pm PDT / 8:15pm BST and you can watch the action right here, and on our YouTube and Twitch.

Can't see your timezones, then check out the below tweet:

Babylon's Fall

We know we'll (finally) get more Babylon's Fall information at E3 since Square Enix specifically highlighted it in their E3 announcement.

What's more, we could even see a Babylon's Fall beta or demo pop up sometime soon, based on some new code that recently appeared on Steam.

Marvel's Avengers Wakanda

Square Enix promised a first look at Marvel's Avengers Black Panther content, aka Marvel's Avengers Wakanda DLC.

It's billed as the game's biggest content update since release, and while we know a bit about the Black Panther DLC, there's still a lot left to learn.

Life Is Strange: True Colors

Life Is Strange: True Colors also features heavily in the Square Enix E3 2021 plans, which makes sense.

The game is set for release on September 10, but we've only seen one trailer and have just a smidgeon of information on the True Colors characters so far.

E3 will change that, since Square Enix said the True Colors showcase is a "deep dive" into the game.

Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection

The Life Is Strange showcase will feature a look at the Remastered Collection too, a polished version of Life Is Strange and Before the Storm.

New Eidos-Montreal Game

One of the new reveals Square Enix teased is something from Eidos-Montreal.

Before getting too excited about a new Deus Ex game, though, 2021 is Tomb Raider's 25th anniversary.

A new Tomb Raider game or collection might seem logical, but then again, maybe not. Bloomberg's Jason Schreier said we should expect to see Eidos' Guardians of the Galaxy game instead.

Final Fantasy 16

Square Enix made no mention of Final Fantasy 16 in its announcement, though it's been months since we last heard about the latest Final Fantasy game.

We'd be surprised if Naoki Yoshida's second Final Fantasy gets completely left in the cold.

Final Fantasy Origin

Popular rumor has it that Square Enix is working with Nioh developer Team Ninja on a new Final Fantasy game.

Reportedly dubbed Final Fantasy Origin, it's an action spin-off that takes place in the world of the original Final Fantasy.

While the initial rumor treated FF Origin as an E3 leak, Square Enix said absolutely nothing about Final Fantasy in its E3 plans.

It did promise updates and new game "announcements" in the plural, though, so a Final Fantasy Origin reveal is always possible.


People Can Fly isn't done with Outriders yet. It didn't feature in Square Enix's announcement, but we know more content updates are on the way at some point.


Forspoken was also curiously absent from Square Enix's E3 announcement, though we expect to see at least a new trailer for it.

Following Forspoken's initial reveal as Project Athia in 2020, we've only seen one brief new trailer and a motherf****n' dragon, as Square Enix described it.

Dragon Quest 12

Square Enix recently revealed the logo and teaser for Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate during the series' 35th anniversary special.

That was toward the end of May, and while new footage so soon seems unlikely, it's possible we'll at least get a reminder about it.

The anniversary special was aimed at series fans instead of a mainstream audience, after all.

Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D

What seems more likely is a new trailer or possibly even a release date for Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D, also announced during the anniversary special.

Square Enix debuted it with a full trailer, so presumably, it's closer to release than Dragon Quest 12.

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