Dragon Quest 12 the Flames of Fate: release date news, leaks, and everything we know so far

Dragon Quest 12 The Flames of Fate: Release Date News, Leaks, and Everything We Know So Far

Dragon Quest 12 The Flames of Fate: Release Date News, Leaks, and Everything We Know So Far

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March 31, 2023: We have checked over all of our information.

Dragon Quest is a huge game and you can see just how important it is to people in the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary livestream. We finally saw confirmation of Dragon Quest 12, alongside a handful of new Dragon Quest games. If you're looking for Dragon Quest 12 release date speculation, here's what we know.

We still have many questions about the game. We know it exists and is being worked on but that's about it right now. Hopefully, we'll see some more information on it soon.

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Latest News - January 30

January 30, 2023 -

We haven't seen any new information in quite some time. Hopefully, we'll see something soon.

24 November 2021 -

Bizarrely Square Enix has trademarked ‘The Flames of Fate’, remarkably before they have announced an actual release date for the next game. Could we be gearing up for some news in the near future? Who knows, but with any luck we won't be waiting too long before hearing more about Dragon Quest 12.

Dragon Quest 12 The Flames of Fate: Release Date News, Leaks, and Everything We Know So Far
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Dragon Quest 12 Release Date

The Dragon Quest 12 reveal happened during the series’ 35th anniversary celebration, though the reveal was limited to a logo trailer.

In addition, there’s no set Dragon Quest 12 release date yet, so we suspect we could be waiting some time.

Dragon Quest 12 Trailer

Here’s the trailer Square Enix showed off during the event:

Dragon Quest 12 Platforms

Horii was unable to comment on what the Dragon Quest 12 platforms would be. However, seeing as Dragon Quest 11 was eventually released on all consoles and PC, we expect a similar release pattern for DQ 12. Last year in September, though, an exploit within NVIDIA's GeForce Now showed that a PC release is in fact being developed.

Dragon Quest 12 The Flames of Fate Story

Horii described DQ 12 as a “Dragon Quest for adults,” referring to the game’s darker story and themes.

What that means is a bit unclear, though.

Despite its lighthearted tone, Dragon Quest is no stranger to death, suicide, murder, captivity, torture, and pretty much the entire spectrum of horrible events, even if they do typically have a happy ending.

Dragon Quest 12 Combat

Horii mentioned Dragon Quest 12 will feature a revamped command combat system.

He didn't elaborate on what that meant, but it seems the traditional menu-based combat is going to be a thing of the past.

Whether we'll see something like Persona 5's streamlined combat or a full FF7 Remake-style change remains to be seen.

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