Dragon Quest 12 The Flames of Fate: Release Date News, Leaks And Everything We Know So Far

Square Enix revealed Dragon Quest 12: The Flames of Fate during the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary livestream along with several other new Dragon Quest games, and while we didn’t get too much information, series creator Yuji Horii shared a few details about the game and its potentially drastic departure from the norm.

Dragon Quest XII will reportedly feature a darker storyline and a more flexible narrative where player choice influences at least a few key events.

The darker tone is seen in the brief trailer that debuted the Dragon Quest 12 logo, though dark is fairly relative for the series.


Horii also teased big changes to the combat system, but was less forthcoming on what that might be.

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Dragon Quest 12 - E3 2021 Latest News

E3 2021 COUNTDOWN - June 13

There's not long to go before Square Enix's E3 Presentation 'Square Enix Presents' gets underway.

We already know you'll be able to see the World Premiere of a new game by Eidos Montreal, plus updates on BABYLON’S FALL, Life is Strange: True Colors and plenty more.

The show goes live on Sunday, June 13 at 12:15pm PDT / 8:15pm BST and you can watch the action right here, and on our YouTube and Twitch.

Can't see your timezones, then check out the below tweet:


June 9 - Some rumours overnight suggest that Square Enix might not feature any big Final Fantasy series news at their E3 2021 press conference.


This is according to ResetERA forums member Sasliquid (Via wccftech.com). Supposedly, the information was also subsequently verified by the ResetERA forums administrations team.

Whilst this isn't great for anyone hoping to see Final Fantasy 16 or Final Fantasy Origin, it could mean more time in the presentation for the likes of titles like Marvel Avengers, Outriders and Dragon Quest 12.

June 7 - Square Enix didn't say Dragon Quest 12 will feature during its E3 2021 showcase, and given its reveal was less than a month before E3, it could be the developer will wait until the Tokyo Game Show to show more.

Dragon Quest 12 Reveal

The Dragon Quest 12 reveal happened during the series’ 35th anniversary celebration, though the reveal was limited to a logo trailer.

Dragon Quest 12 Trailer

Here’s the trailer Square Enix showed off during the event:


Dragon Quest 12 Release Date

There’s no set Dragon Quest 12 release date yet. We could be waiting some time.


Dragon Quest 12 Switch Release?

Horii was unable to comment on what the Dragon Quest 12 platforms would be. However, seeing as Dragon Quest 11 was eventually released on all consoles and PC, we expect a similar release pattern for DQ 12.

Dragon Quest 12 The Flames of Fate

Horii described DQ 12 as a “Dragon Quest for adults,” referring to the game’s darker story and themes.

What that means is a bit unclear, though.

Despite its lighthearted tone, Dragon Quest is no stranger to death, suicide, murder, captivity, torture, and pretty much the entire spectrum of horrible events, even if they do typically have a happy ending.

Dragon Quest 12 Combat


Horii mentioned Dragon Quest 12 will feature a revamped command combat system.

He didn't elaborate on what that meant, but it seems the traditional menu-based combat is going to be a thing of the past.

Whether we'll see something like Persona 5's streamlined combat or a full FF7 Remake-style change remains to be seen.