Big Dragon Quest Reveal Teased For Today's 35th Anniversary Livestream

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Update - May 25

With a day to go before Square Enix's planned 35th anniversary livestream, series creator Yuji Horri has offered fans a new message. Speaking about this on Twitter (credit to Siliconera for translating), he confirmed we'd get more information about "that game", saying:

This Thursday, Dragon Quest celebrates its 35th Anniversary. As you may know, we have a special 35th Anniversary Broadcast scheduled for then. In gratitude for all your support so far, we’ll have plenty to announce. And of course, we’ll have more on that game as well… Please look forward to it, everyone!

Though "that game" could be anything considering Dragon Quest's wide scope, this is heavily speculated to be Dragon Quest XII, a project Horii has previously confirmed to be in active development. Even if it's not the next main entry, fans have plenty of reasons to be excited.

Original - May 13

It's been a busy month for Dragon Quest fans so far. Following news of Dragon Quest Builders 2's surprise launch on Xbox platforms and PC on May 4, Square Enix has just announced a 35th anniversary livestream is being broadcast on May 26.

That'll be broadcast in English for the first time, going live at 8:30pm PT / 11:30pm ET. For UK and Europe, this late timeslot pushes it into May 27 at 4:30am BST / 5:30am CEST. As reported by Famitsu, this stream is being split into two parts, focusing on different areas of Dragon Quest's future.

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Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Livestream Announced For May 26, Promises Info On New Games


The first part focuses on Dragon Quest X Online, an MMORPG entry launched in 2012 that's previously remained exclusive to Japan. As for the second part? We don't know yet but this is where we'll see the "introduction of the latest lineup" for Dragon Quest.

Within this segment, series creator Yuji Horii will discuss the series' future, presented like a talk show with fashion model JOY. Some fans think we could see Dragon Quest XII, others believe Dragon Quest Builders 3 is coming, and we've already seen hints at further Game Pass releases. Whatever Square Enix has planned, fans won't want to miss it.

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