Dying Light Shoots For The Stars In New "Low Gravity" Event

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Techland might be preparing Dying Light 2: Stay Human for a December launch, but they've not stopped supporting the original game. With rumours of a Nintendo Switch version, Hellraid's recent expansion and Dying Light: Platinum Edition's surprise launch, they've just released a new in-game event.

Calling this Low Gravity, that swaps zombies for aliens, as forces from outer space besiege Harran. Though event is free to access, an Astronaut pack containing a laser rifle, stasis pistol, machete, new outfit and a buggy skin. Those are available for purchase for $2.99.


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Dying Light Shoots For The Stars In New "Low Gravity" Event

Speaking through a press release, Techland offered this event outline, and you can watch a trailer below:

In Low Gravity, players must protect the Earth from the invasion and influence of alien visitors. Unknown perpetrators have modified gravity, which affects the way players and their opponents behave. During the event, Heroes of Harran can:
  • Jump higher
  • Fall much slower
  • Take less damage from falling
  • Use a grappling hook to quickly zip toward a target
Unknown cosmic forces have also touched the infected. Just like players, they will fall much slower and take no damage when falling. Furthermore, an explosion or dropkick attack will launch them high into the air.

Bringing in new challenges that yield "special rewards, eliminating 100 enemies will earn you a V-27 Chameleon Machete (gold) and if everyone eliminates 100 million infected, each player will get 3 King upgrades. That's available now and lasts until September 1st, 2021, ending at 19:00 CET.