Dying Light: Hellraid Gets A Story Mode, Launches Today On All Platforms

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In a surprise move, Techland's just confirmed that Dying Light: Hellraid is getting a story mode called "The Prisoner". Having launched last August, this update arrives today on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, also adding new weapons, zones, and visual improvements.

As part of their press release, Techland offered this story outline:

New challenges to face, new areas to discover, and an ally who needs your help — an ancient conflict reignites and you must prepare for an inevitable clash. But remember the mysteries of the Ba’al’s Temple are well-guarded, and the fate of the one person who could guide you to the truth depends on you. Should you succeed, however, you’ll earn a powerful bow, Corrupted Justice, which might tip the balance in the upcoming confrontation with the forces of evil.

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Dying Light: Hellraid Gets A Story Mode, Launches Today On All Platforms

Confirming they'll add more quests to The Prisoner in future updates, this'll gradually roll out Hellraid's plot. Like before, players can undertake this campaign through online co-op, should you wish to team up with friends. You can find more information in the trailer below.

With Techland gearing up for Dying Light 2: Stay Human's launch in December, it's surprising to see this DLC campaign get a sudden update. It didn't review brilliantly before, so hopefully this'll make some necessary improvements. As always, we'll keep you updated when we learn more.