Dying Light 2 Authority DLC Packs: What Is in Them?

Dying Light 2 Authority DLC Pack

Dying Light 2 Authority DLC Pack

From warring factions to infected zombies prowling the streets, you constantly need to watch your back in Dying Light 2. The City is one of the last remaining human settlements in a world where a vicious virus rules. The remains of humanity have split into separate factions within the settlement, with nearly all of them fighting for power. This has led to a fractious and unpredictable society where anyone could stab you in the back.

Fortunately, there are plenty of hand-crafted weapons and armour sets that you can get your hands on to help you survive your time in Villedor. Most of these can be gained through exploring every inch of the map as you venture through the story. However, you can now get your hands on brand new cosmetic armour items and weapons through a free DLC pack.

In this guide, we're going to show you what's included in the Authority DLC Packs for Dying Light 2.

Authority DLC Packs: What Is in Them?

The packs are split into three separate parts, each cosmetic item included in the three packs are designed around the Peacekeeper faction. Here's everything you can get in each part:

Part One

  • x1 Chest Piece
  • x1 Joggers
  • x1 Sneakers

Part Two

  • x1 Headgear
  • x1 Bracers
  • x1 Gloves
Dying Light 2 Authority DLC Pack Part 3 Weapon
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Part Three

  • x1 Weapon - This weapon looks like it has been crafted using a piece from a car engine.

What Are the Authority DLC Packs?

The Authority DLC packs are three separate cosmetic packs that you can download for free if you have Dying Light 2. There are three packs overall and each one has been/is being released at different times. The first pack is available from February 14, 2022.

We will update this page as we learn more about this and other DLC packs.

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