Dying Light 2 Healing Guide: How to Heal and Upgrade Your Health

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Dying Light 2 Honey and Chamomile

No matter how hard you try to stay safe in Dying Light 2, there will come a point where you're going to get hurt. Whether it's from a horde of infected chasing you down a dark street or from an angry citizen in a rival faction, injuries can and will occur.

This is why it's so important to know how to heal yourself. There are multiple different ways that you can heal yourself in the game. Some of them will rely on your scavenging skills and keen eyesight while jumping from roof to roof. Others will only work if you decide to alter what time of day it is. However, no matter which one you choose, your health will be vastly improved.

In this healing guide, we're going to show you all of the ways to increase your health in the game, and how to upgrade it.

How To Heal

There are a few different ways that you can heal yourself and it's worth combining all of them to ensure your health never runs out. To heal yourself, access your small inventory menu on the bottom left of your screen. One of the sections will be for equipment that restores health and immunity. Access this section and select one of the healing consumables you have. Press the prompted control to heal yourself. Some healing consumables take longer to apply than others, so be careful if you are healing in the middle of a fight.

Here are all of the ways you can heal yourself in the game.

Craft Medicine

One of the first things you learn to do in the game is craft medicine. To do this, you'll need to collect Honey and Chamomile. You can find them in grassy areas or in rooftop groves. To craft one medicine, you'll need:

  • x1 Honey
  • x2 Chamomile

Medicine that has been crafted in this way will only restore part of your health if it's extremely low.

Collect Military Medkits

When you're exploring buildings or looting containers, you may find medical packs. They are typically small brown packages tied up with string. You usually find them in locked crates or in high-tier loot areas. These packs will restore all of your health and it's faster to apply.

Regeneration Boosters

You can make Regeneration Boosters to restore your health. They look very similar to modern-day inhalers. When you use one of these, it will restore a small amount of your health over time. To craft it, you will need:

  • x1 Honey
  • x1 Poppy

You can buy them from some Traders or you can be given them as a thank you for saving Survivors during Survivor Interactions.

First Aid Cabinets

When you're exploring buildings, you may spot green First Aid Cabinets on some of the walls. If you use your survivor sense to scan the room, they should be highlighted with the rest of the loot crates. Head up to a cabinet and interact with it to open it. Sometimes, the cabinet will be empty but sometimes it will contain Military Medkits.

Drink Water

It's no secret that water is a valuable thing in Villedor, but it's also a valuable and easy way to restore your health. If you've completed a Water Tower in a specific area, that area should then have access to water. All you need to do is find a working water storage unit with a pump. They're typically found at Safe Zones and completed Windmills. Walk up to the pump and follow the prompted control to drink the water. As you drink, your health will slowly restore.


Sleeping will fully restore your health. You can sleep at any safe zone that has a bed in it. To find your nearest bed, open up your map, and zoom in on a safe zone. If there is a green bed icon on or near the safe zone, it means you can sleep here. When you get to the bed, interact with it to sleep and it will transport you to the next time of day (either day or night). When you wake up, you should see that your health has been completely restored.

Dying Light 2 GRE Container with an Inhibitor
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Inhibitors can be found in locked GRE Crates. If one contains Inhibitors, you'll see it in the compartment on the right when you open it.

How to Upgrade Your Health

To upgrade your health (which we highly recommend), you need to collect Inhibitors. To upgrade your health you need to collect three Inhibitors. Once you have three, head to the skills section of your inventory/map menu. Aiden should be standing in the middle of the screen. Below him, there are four circles. There will be one big circle then three smaller ones underneath it. To upgrade your health, select the circle with the + on it. You will then need to find more Inhibitors if you want to upgrade it again.

Knowing how to heal yourself will help you survive the tricky missions in Dying Light 2. If you want to learn more about the Infected, take a look at our guide that details all of the monsters in the game. They will be one of the biggest sources of danger for Aiden during his time in Villedor. Also, having a good weapon at your side will help you fight them off. Read our weapons guide to learn about the weapons in the game, how to upgrade them, and how to find them.

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