Dying Light 2 City Alignment Explained: Peacekeepers or Survivors?

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Dying Light 2 Water Tower Assigned to Survivors

In Dying Light 2, you somewhat unwillingly become entangled in the disputes between the residents of The City. These conflicts can lead you through missions where you must make drastic decisions that can alter the look of the section you're in. Your decisions can also tip the balance of power between the factions within that area.

In a world where a virus runs rampant and there isn't much of humanity left, whoever controls water and electricity controls the area. Without water, the citizens will die of thirst. Without electricity, the UV lamps that protect the remaining humans will not work. This is why whoever controls these two things has the most power, and sometimes this power can fall into the wrong hands.

It's down to you to assign out some facilities and change the environment around you. In this guide, we're going to explain a bit more about city alignment and the factions in The City.

What Is City Alignment in Dying Light 2?

City Alignment is how power in Villedor is distributed and determines which faction has the most influence over an area. The game's map is split into several large sections and at the start of the game, some sections are already under a specific faction's control. If a section is being controlled, it will feature the same colour as the faction that's in charge.

You can check the current city alignment at any time by accessing your map. If you zoom out, you'll get a better view of which faction controls each area.

Dying Light 2 Sophie and Barney in the Bazaar
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Should You Pick the Peacekeepers or Survivors?

Which faction you side with is down to you and who you want to support. As you work through the story, you'll learn more about both the Peacekeepers and the Survivors. If you want to add a rigid, structured, and military feel to an area then the Peacekeepers are the better option. However, if you want to ensure that the people of Villedor live the best life that they can, then the Survivors are the better option.

The more facilities you assign to your chosen faction, the more influence they will have over their portion of Villedor. Their section of the city will also change visually depending on what that faction has on offer. The more facilities you assign to a single faction, the stronger their influence will be over the area, and the better their perks will become.

Peacekeeper and Survivor Perks

Each faction has its own perks and benefits that will appear if you assign them a facility. The sections of Villedor will gain certain characteristics that are determined by which side you choose. Here are the perks you can expect from both factions.


Peacekeepers build combat-focused traps in and around their section such as car traps. This means that if you find yourself being chased by infected or angry citizens, you'll have extra items to help you fight them off.


Survivors build parkour helpers in and around their area. This includes extra zip lines, monkey bars, punching bags, and additional Parkour structures. This means that you'll be able to traverse Villedor safely while using the structures to perform cool tricks such as wall-running.

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How to Assign Facilities

To alter who holds the most power in a faction, you can assign out facilities like power and water once you fix them. To do this, you need to discover a facility. The easiest way to do this is to stand on a tall structure and use your binoculars to scan the area. You can accidentally discover places by running past them too.

All you need to do once you've discovered them is complete them. If you're fixing a Water Tower, you'll need to climb to the top to activate the Windmill.


Can You Re-Assign Facilities?

At the moment, it does not seem like you can re-assign facilities once you have given them to a specific faction.

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