Dying Light 2: Weapons List and How to Get Them

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Dying Light 2 Official Artwork Human vs Infected Monsters at night. The human is standing on a truck, surrounded by monsters.

Dying Light 2 throws you into The City, one of the last human settlements in a world where the virus rules. The infected monsters are growing stronger and the factions within the city are at odds. All in all, the settlement seems doomed but you can change its fate. To do this, you are going to need some weapons to help you. Here is a list of all of the weapons you can find in the game and how you can get them.

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Weapons List

So far, we only know that the following weapons will be available in the game:

  • Bow
  • Machete
  • Hammer
  • Sword
  • Handmade Shotgun

Thanks to the image below, it seems that there will be a UV torch too, which was used in the first game to deal with special enemies that hunted you at night.

Dying Light 2. UV torch being used against infected monsters
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There will be no firearms in the game. As stated in this ask me anything episode, civilisation has been destroyed across the world. This means that there are no professionals left with the skills to make proper firearms. The closest thing you can get to a proper firearm is the handmade Shotgun. However, this weapon can be destroyed very quickly so you should be selective of when and where you use it.

How to Get Weapons

The Handmade Shotgun needs to be crafted for you to have access to it. You will need to collect various materials from exploring The City to be able to create this short-term but powerful weapon.

We know from this Dying 2 Know episode that some weapons and tools can be given as rewards for helping some Factions. It's safe to assume that some weapons will be given as rewards or payment for completing various tasks and quests across the game.

We will update this page as we learn more about weapons and how to get them.

You will need to use your judgment to decide what weapons to use against each enemy in Dying Light 2. If you want to take a look at some of the things you will be fighting, take a look at our guide on all of the monsters confirmed so far. Also, decisions are important in the game. Therefore, you might want to take a look at our guide explaining choices and consequences.