Dislyte: Lone Star Update - What We Know So Far

Since release, Dislyte has been gaining popularity thanks to its banging soundtrack, detailed artwork, and fun gameplay. And now we're getting a Dislyte Lone Star update!

Dislyte features a whole host of vibrant characters fighting back the Miracles threatening their world, all with a fresh soundtrack in the background and eye-popping graphics. The update will add a new game mode, new cosmetics, and four new Espers to the already brimming roster of mythical guys and gals. The team at Lillith Games has been working super hard, and have brought so much to the game already to boost its performance and reward players.

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Upcoming Additions To Dislyte

Dislyte's latest announcement comes with some surprising updates for the game, and quickly too - given the official release was only this month! The Lone Star update is coming soon to the game.

The main focus of the trailer is Osiris, The Lone Star, and his story. After breaking from the House Of Ramses, the richest in all of Debia, Ollie set out on his own journey to exact vengeance. This is where the new story takes place, as he sets out to Oasis to avenge his father's death.

Another addition is a new feature called Holobattle, where Clubs can go head to head. It appears that this is unlocked when the Clubs reach level 10.

Everyone's favourite arrow-wielding gal, Mona, is getting a cool new skin, too. This could be a separate purchase, or in the Record gacha.

The new event will run from May 31, to June 14. There will be a new shop tied to the event stages, where players can use currency to buy Meredith. After the event, she will be in the Golden Records pool. Ollie will be in the Golden Record pool, but at largely increased rates for the duration of the event.

New Espers

If all of the previous Espers weren't enough, we have not just Ollie, but four new Espers on the way. We assume these new Espers will be available in the Golden Record gacha, but there may be a banner with higher odds, possibly just for Ollie, when they release.


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At present, we don't know much about Meredith other than that she is a support character with the Wind element. She is a four-star rarity. Hopefully she'll have some musical attacks using that sweet banjo. Scylla is a Greek monster that has a counterpart - Charybdis. It is likely that they will be a character in the future.


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Nicole is based on Nephthys, the Greek iteration of Nebhet in Ancient Egyptian mythology. She was the sister of Osiris, but this isn't confirmed in Dislyte lore... yet. She is a Shimmer Esper, of four-star rarity, and is another support character.


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Laura has already captivated fans hearts, and is sure to be a popular Esper when released. She is a four-star support character, based on Neith of Ancient Egypt - the goddess of creation, wisdom and war. Because of Laura's shield with her design, it is likely she will have protective moves and be a heavy hitter.


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Star of the show, Ollie, brings Ancient Egyptian god of the deceased, Osiris, into the Dislyte roster. We are introduced to him as a vengeful character, on a path to seek answers regarding his father's fate. Ollie is a five-star Esper, and a fighter, equipped with what appears to be a healing or buff move.

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