Dislyte Starimon Uses, Rewards, and More

May 18, 2022: Now that we're fully into the game, we've updated our page to reflect how each shop works.

The dystopian but funky game Dislyte is available now and gaining well-deserved popularity, and with it is more people wondering how to use certain elements of this jam-packed app. So let’s take a look at how to use the Dislyte Starimon.

Dislyte runs off a gacha system for its heroes, the vast majority of which are three-star characters. They can range from three to six stars in rating, depending on how lucky you are with your Golden Record spins. However, you can upgrade your Espers to new heights with fantastic stats quite easily. All you need is Starimon. These are not to be confused with some other helpful things: the Experimon grant XP to raise an Esper’s level, and Ablimon can upgrade Esper’s abilities. The Starimon are for their star level and that alone.

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What Are Starimon In Dislyte?

The Dislyte Starimon serve a single purpose: they raise your Espers’ star level. This means you can level them up to a higher level than their star rank cap. Think of it like Ascension from Genshin Impact, if you’ve played that one, but this time it's called Promotion.

We recommend that you add some Starimon to your team as you do some easier levels, in order to get their level up too. This saves some precious time later on when it comes to ranking up Espers past five or six stars, as it needs higher-level Starimon. Previously, Starimon had a passive ability that meant they leveled up quicker and needed less XP; however, this has since been removed. Silver Records have also been removed - likely to stop people using them to get double Espers as rank fodder and use the Starimon again instead.

What Is Promotion In Dislyte?

‘Promotion’ in Dislyte is the process of raising an Esper's star rank. Every Esper you get has a star rank - most common is the three-star Uncommon Espers such as Brynn and Drew, and they go up to five stars in rating, like the Legendary Espers Gabrielle and Lucas.

Promoting your Espers doesn’t just bring up their Star rank. It increases all of their base statistics, as well as their level cap. Finding your Espers’ current level cap is easy: whatever their star level is, multiply it by ten. So a three-star Esper would only be able to get to level 30, a four-star would get to level 40, and so on. You will need to promote them using the Starimon in order to carry on leveling up. Promoting is available in the Esper menu with Growth and Ascension.

How Do I Get Starimon In Dislyte?

There are, thankfully, a few different ways to get Starimon in Dislyte. You can earn them as rewards and loot from most story levels and missions, but you can also buy them from certain shops.

  • The Club Shop has two Starimon in stock - a rare and an epic. You'll need to reach Club Level 5 and 7 to unlock them.
  • The Cube Shop stocks a Rare Starimon, costing 100 Points.
  • The Tournament Shop, accepting Supply Vouchers from the Point War rewards, sells Epic Starimon and a Legendary for 200 and 1,000 Vouchers apiece. They restock every few days.
  • The Gold Shop occasionally stocks Starimon - usually basic - but this isn't guaranteed.

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