How To Get Relics In Dislyte

May 10 saw the stylish mythological strategy game Dislyte finally released worldwide, and players are flocking to it to collect their heroes. Here’s how to get relics in Dislyte to improve your fighters’ stats.

The Relics in question are equipable items that come in sets and can have different effects and benefits for different characters. Up to six can be equipped to an Esper at any time. Relics come as rewards for completing levels and trials and have a few different tiers of quality: Fine, Elite, Superior, and Flawless. Equipping your Espers with these Relics can vastly improve their performance. There are different ways of getting them, and we’ll explain it all right here.

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How To Get Relics In Dislyte

The easiest way to get Relics is to play the story levels. By completing them and making your way through the maps, you’ll get Relics among the rewards almost every time. They won’t be the highest tier, and you can’t control which you get, but you’ll get some nonetheless.

The shops also sell them - which allows you to pick and choose types or levels. The Gold Shop sells a variety each day, ranging from around 9K Gold up to about 20K in price. The Cube shop also has some listed, though this requires Cube Stones to purchase them. These can be earned from the Cube Miracle trials. The Tournament shop also stocks Relics.

Speaking of trials, the Ritual Miracle trial can also give rarer Relics as rewards, such as the Adamantine or Fiery Incandescence set.

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What Kind Of Relics Are There In Dislyte

The Relics in Dislyte have two different sets, and four quality tiers. They come in sets of two or four and will apply a bonus when this many is equipped to an Esper. The quality of the Relics (Fine, Elite, Superior and Flawless) define how strong the attributes are, and how much of a buff the characters get.

Relics can be upgraded, but be warned that the cost scales exponentially and ends up costing a lot of Gold.

All Dislyte Relic Sets

4-Relic Sets

  • Ocean Waves Set
    • Grants a 30% chance of reducing all ability cooldowns by 1 turn after an ability is used
  • Astral Witchcraft Set
    • Increases AP of teammates under control debuffs by 30%
  • Hades Set
    • 35% of damage dealt is used to regenerate HP
  • Abiding Panacea Set
    • +30% Healing Efficacy
  • War Machine Set
    • +30% Attack
  • Wind Walker Set
    • +25% Speed
  • Stoneveins Set
    • +20% Defense

2-Relic Sets

  • Adamantine Set
    • All allied Espers start the battle with a Shield equal to 20% of their max HP - lasts two turns
  • Sword Avatara Set
    • 30% chance of using the basic ability to counterattack upon taking damage
  • Master Grove Set
    • +25% HP
  • Apollo’s Bow Set
    • +25% Accuracy
  • Fiery Incandescence Set
    • +20% Crit Rate

How To Sell Relics In Dislyte

You can also get rid of Relics if you find your inventory stuffed full of them; they can be sold or dismantled.

To sell them, open your inventory and go to the Relics tab. Click the one you want to get rid of, and a Sell button will appear. Hit that, and there you go. You can also bulk sell them from the Esper page when equipping them - click a Relic, and hit replace. Then the button to the right that looks like three coins.

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