Disco Elysium: Should You Shave Your Facial Hair?

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It’s a small choice, but there’s ramifications down the line - should you shave your moustache and sideburns or leave them as is when playing through Disco Elysium? The detective has some iconic facial hair, but you could always go clean-shaven and carve them down a little to something more manageable. We’ll answer here: should you shave your facial hair or not in Disco Elysium?

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Should You Shave Your Facial Hair in Disco Elysium?

Whether you should shave your facial hair, sideburns and moustache in Disco Elysium is largely a cosmetic matter, and you shouldn’t worry about it too much. While it matters a lot to the protagonist and it’s a choice that can’t be undone, the reality is that most other characters in the game won’t mention it.

That being said, you can bring up the subject in dialogue with your partner, Kim, pointing out the new lack of facial hair and asking for comment. He’ll tactfully avoid giving his opinion away, though infer that more facial hair covered up the mess of a face beneath it, which might’ve been for the better. Ah well.

Disco Elysium Shave

How to Shave in Disco Elysium

To shave in Disco Elysium, players will have to access the shack on the third day that’s found in the fishing village past the lock. The old woman outside will let you use it free of charge, and within that is a bowl and mirror that players can interact with. The option to shave will be one of the options available here.

What Happens if You Shave?

As mentioned, there aren’t a huge amount of consequences to shaving, though your character model and icon in the lower-left will be permanently changed to reflect your new lack of facial hair (there’s no way that even a biologically-peculiar creature like you can grow it back in the time in the game remaining).


But how long is that exactly? We’ve laid out how long the game is here, or go see the newest info on the Disco Elysium sequel right here!