Disco Elysium Sequel: Everything We Know So Far

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ZA/UM's utterly stupendous detective-noir adventure, Disco Elysium, has been sweeping awards left, right, and centre.

Now that The Final Cut has bought everyone's favourite idiot detective to consoles, fans have begun to wonder what's next in the city of Revachol.

Here's everything we know about a potential sequel.

Disco Elysium Sequel: Everything We Know So Far

What have the developers said?

In an interview with GamingBolt, lead writer Helen Hindpere was emphatic on the possibility of more to come from the Disco Elysium universe.

"The future holds more of Elysium – we’ve spent years designing the world and we’re not ready to leave yet," she explained.

"Martinaise is just a slice of Revachol – and Revachol just a single capital among many others. Who knows where the future will take us?"

That's pretty exciting and raises the prospect of a potential sequel (or spinoff) leading us to new destinations.

In fact, there's also been talk of a potential prequel. Last year, the game's website was replaced by a star-and-antlers logo and the word 'Soon', suggesting that we may see some of Elysium's historical events in any upcoming projects.

We'll update this as we hear more, but for now, check out our feature on Disco Elysium's delightfully inept protagonist.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut is out now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, and is coming to Nintendo Switch later this Summer.

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