Disco Elysium: Should You Arrest Klaasje?

Disco Elysium centers on numerous characters, and one of the most important characters in play is Klaasje Amandou, sometimes called Miss Oranje Disco Dancer. At one point in the game you’ll be given the choice as to whether you should arrest her, with implications down the road. We’ll answer the question: should you arrest Klaasje, and what are the consequences for doing so?

Of course, there are spoilers from this point on for the end of the game! We won’t mention anything outside Klaasje’s fate though.

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Should You Arrest Klaasje in Disco Elysium?

Whether or not you should arrest Klaasje in Disco Elysium depends on the character you’re playing, as well as what you think Klaasje’s final fate deserves to be. The consequences either way aren’t going to be great for her, but we’ll lead you through them step-by-step.

Arrest Klaasje

If you arrest Klaasje, she’ll be carted off to jail and Kim will approve, considering it’s the by-the-book thing to do and she is admittedly guilty of several noteworthy crimes.

However, it’s also implied that she ends up dying in custody. Characters with a high Shivers score will get a premonition that Klaasje is murdered in her cell by corrupt ICP officers working on behalf of the Moralintern. You don’t see it happen, but it’s a solid guess considering what you’ve seen so far.

Disco Elysium Klaasje
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Klaasje is one of the first characters you meet, and her eventual fate is in your hands.

Don’t Arrest Klaasje

If you let Klaasje go, Kim will immediately be upset. It’s a breach of protocol and Klaasje is clearly guilty, but there’s not much he can do about it now beyond snapping at you in dialogue.

However, over time he’ll start to ease up and concede a little to your decision. Klaasje has helped you find the real killer, and arresting her won’t help your case much. She’ll also give you a small tip later on that you wouldn’t have gotten otherwise as a thanks for helping her.

Beyond that, there’s very little that’ll change beyond some dialogue with certain characters. Klaasje presumably survives out there on the run, but you’ll never encounter her again as she flees the Moralintern and his cronies. It’s really down to your personal preference and the character you’re building. Are you a cop who always follows the rules or do you think the final choice should be yours?

Whichever you picked, there’s plenty more to be befuddled about in Disco Elysium. We’ll show you the easiest way to make money here, or check out this page on where to find your gun and some ammo.

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