Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Changes For Season of the Lost

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Destiny 2's new season, Season of the Lost, arrives later today, and it'll bring some big changes to Trials of Osiris.

The mode, which is Destiny's highest level PvP content, has been in need of a rethink for some time. Players have complained about a lack of meaningful rewards, while cheating has become increasingly prevalent - both with third-party programs and even players trading wins using a specific emblem.


Bungie is taking steps to level the playing field.

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Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Changes For Season of the Lost

The headline change is that you won't earn Trials tokens anymore. Instead, armour and weapons will be handed out as engrams through ranking up, as we've seen in Crucible and Gambit in recent months.


Trials engrams can also be focused a la Umbral engrams, and rank 10 and 16 in a season will guarantee weapon drops.

Passages are now account-wide, and once you lose, you can just keep playing for rewards. If you want to go Flawless you'll want to reset your card, though. This means rewards for three, five, and seven wins are gone, but Flawless runs will get you bonus gear with better stats.

In order to gatekeep cheaters, though, you'll need the latest expansion (not season pass) to play Trials. So if you've not got Beyond Light, you'll need it to take part in the next round of Trials of Osiris, and you'll need The Witch Queen in February.

Bungie is also working to fix the current reliance on "3-peeking", adding anti-cheat, and finally adding matchmaking.

"3-peeking", in case you're wondering, is the use of the game's third-person perspective to gain a tactical advantage. This can occur by equipping a sword, switching the game's viewpoint to allow for peeking around corners.

Bungie also recently confirmed that BattlEye anti-cheat tech will "soft-launch" in Season of the Lost, but we're still waiting for confirmation on what constitutes a "soft-launch". You can find out more on the developer's website.

Finally, you'll be able to solo queue for Trials of Osiris, with matchmaking being enabled for the mode. How players will be put into Fireteams remains to be seen, but we'll update this as we hear more.