Destiny 2's Guardian Games Event Is Fun, But Lacks A Reason To Invest

Destiny 2's Guardian Games feels like a microcosm of Destiny's best, but also arguably shows the less positive aspects of Bungie's looter shooter, too.

If you've missed our coverage, the event is essentially an in-universe 'Olympic Games', where each of the franchise's three classes battle for supremacy. It's a neat idea, and one that certainly helps stoke some 'our class is better than your class' discussions amongst the community.

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Destiny 2's Guardian Games Is Fun, But Lacks A Reason To Invest

Players earn laurels and medals for their efforts in all activities, and seeing enemies burst into collectable accolades is great fun.

It's also really nice to team up with other players in the same class. Whether it's a trio of Hunters launching throwing knives, a group of Titans punching their way through enemies, or Warlocks doing whatever Warlocks do, it's a fun time.

The increased ability recharge rates elevate the PvE gameplay, too. Being able to throw more grenades, use more melee abilities, and unleash hell with your Super is what Destiny is all about, and it's been great to blow through Strikes with relative ease.

Combined with the aforementioned laurels and medals dropping, it's felt like pure gaming catharsis, especially when squadding up with friends and shooting the breeze. Bounties are also nice and easy, perhaps even more so than usual, making the season ideal for those still chipping away at their season pass.

Unfortunately, outside of the bragging rights, there's just little to entice me back night after night.

Heir Apparent, the event's exotic, just isn't all that interesting - even for someone like myself that missed it last year. I'll probably end up earning it for my collection, sure but it's a gun that doesn't capture the imagination, really, especially when I have other Machine Guns with pretty decent rolls.

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It definitely feels like the Eververse is king again, with Destiny 2's real-money storefront offering the best swag. While I understand Bungie has to fund the game's development, I just wish there were some ways of grabbing Guardian Games items, which are often pretty cool, outside of shelling out.

Still, it seems hard to complain when Season of the Chosen has been an almost unanimous banger I guess.

Oh, and infinite legendary shards will be fun while it lasts.

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