Destiny 2: Infinite Legendary Shards Guide

Guardian Games is here, and it brings with it a new exploit that can net players infinite legendary shards.

While longtime players will undoubtedly have hundreds of the things, if you're looking to buy exotics from Xur, or simply upgrade your existing setup, you can never have too many.

A quick note before we begin, though - Bungie will almost certainly hotfix this with days, if not hours. Exploit it while you can.

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Destiny 2: Infinite Legendary Shards Guide

Check out YouTuber Cheese Forever's guide below:

As you can see, it's simple to do.

  1. Speak to Zavala and claim a Guardian Games class item if you haven't done so already (note: it MUST be from Guardian Games 2021).
  2. Head into your Collections tab, then Armor, and then Events, and grab multiple versions of the same item (you can hold 10).
  3. Dismantle each for four Legendary Shards and three Weapon Parts, then rinse and repeat.

If you run out of Glimmer, you can buy some from Spider in the Tangled Shore.

Will you be using this trick? If so, you'll want to move fast before Bungie closes the loophole.

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