Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer Wishlist: What We Want To See From The New Season

NOTE: The following article was written before the Season of the Splicer's announcement. For my updated thoughts, head here.

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I've written plenty of times about how much I love Season of the Chosen, but I think it's worth repeating that this season has it all. The Battlegrounds are a fun throwback to Halo, Presage is one of Bungie's best levels yet, and the overarching narrative pulled me in every week to see what's new – and that's saying nothing of the Proving Grounds strike.

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and Season 14 isn't all that far away now. What has Bungie learned? What worked, what didn't, and what do we want to see more of?

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Destiny 2 Season 14: What We Want To See From The New Season

The first part of the discussion is relatively simple, and it involves the story. I've been playing Destiny since before it launched (including the beta), and this was the first time I felt motivated to log in to hear more about the goings-on of its universe.

It helped that Season of the Chosen was able to work with an amassed ensemble cast, with Saladin, Osiris, Zavala, and Hunter Vanguard-elect Crow all providing dialogue. Not only was Caiatl an interesting and more nuanced villain than we're used to, but even Amanda Holliday got some great lines.

In Season 14, I hope Bungie continues to lean into the characters it's finally bought together. It helps to have a stronger villain, of course, and I have some thoughts on that, too.

We've just finished fighting the Cabal (again), and we took on Eramis' Fallen army in Beyond Light. In between, we took on the Wrathborn and the High Celebrant in Season of the Hunt. Is it time to fight the Vex?

The Vex have always been simultaneously Destiny's most interesting but most difficult factions. For all of the promise of time-travelling robots that deal in probabilities (admittedly an oversimplification), they never really got their chance to shine. They've also not had a clear "baddie" in the way that we've had Ghaul, Eramis, Caiatl, and the High Celebrant. Come on Bungie, give us a Vex season.

I also hope Bungie has taken lessons from the game's older strikes that have been repurposed. Devil's Lair's enemy density makes it a fun encounter to blow through either just as part of the Strike playlist, or on more challenging difficulties.

Fallen S.A.B.E.R. is fun because of its unique environments underneath the Cosmodrome and the fact you can fly through it in just a few minutes. While we don't know if Season 14 will introduce any new strikes (I'm hopeful we may get another old one back), I hope whatever arrives is scalable in the way that those two strikes are.

Proving Grounds is fun and all, but it's a slog on higher difficulties and its final boss fight isn't that much fun on any difficulty. The Glassway remains a slog throughout. Give us some shorter, bite-sized Strikes with the potential for trickier Nightfalls any day.

Speaking of activities, we're likely to get a new seasonal one. Whatever it ends up being, I really don't want to go back to throwing batteries at a forge or something similar. Battlegrounds were great because they felt, in many ways, like mini-strikes. Let's hope Bungie captures some of that again.

Oh, and please, keep doing the seasonal challenges. They're a great way to earn XP, and they're just varied enough week on week to make the content feel worth doing. Big thumbs up.

Finally, the big piece of content coming back is Vault of Glass. While I don't doubt that Bungie will remix it somewhat (and I cannot wait to get back in), I'd love to see a "classic version" for those players that didn't get to run through it back in 2014 – even if that comes with diminished rewards, or is restricted to a "Story" difficulty.

So, a fair few requests then, and we also know that some weapon changes are inbound, too. What do you want to see from Season 14? Let us know!

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