Destiny 2's New Proving Grounds Nightfall Changed My Mind

Remember a little while ago where I said, and I quote:

Unfortunately, the fight against Caiatl's champion felt a little on the underwhelming side.

Oh, sweet, summer child. With Proving Grounds rotating into this week's Nightfall slot, I gave it another go and am now considering whether I'm worthy of taking on the matchmade versions, let alone the potential for a Grandmaster variant.

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Destiny 2's New Proving Grounds Nightfall Changed My Mind

My general consensus, after playing through the strike the first time, was that it was a fun Strike to play through because, well, it's a new Strike (the last 'new' strike was The Glassway, which I've not been kind to).

With enemy density akin to the Devil's Lair Strike, the initial run through the Proving Grounds made it feel like Destiny's power fantasy personified - at least the first time.

On the Nightfall, though, this Strike kicked my a***.

While many of Destiny's Strikes have a bottleneck of difficulty somewhere in between, Proving Grounds is essentially bookended by them.

There's the battle against a pair of interceptors, Psion snipers, and Champions near the start, before adding in a pair of tanks, just for fun.

It's an exercise in maintaining your cool under pressure, and even if you can do that, you'll need to hope that your teammates can do the same. My Hunter uses Mask of Bakris, which means I can teleport semi-regularly. Let me tell you, friends, I don't think I ever stopped spamming it in this encounter.

In truth, our Fireteam needed a Titan (as discussed by Paul Tassi at Forbes), but somehow the Boss Encounter is even tougher.

Not only is Caiatl's champion a real bullet sponge, the likes of which it feels we haven't seen since Destiny 1, but his fireball attack that tracks players feels a tad too OP without an automatic weapon to (try and) shoot them down.

There's almost no cover, and his stomp can slam you against walls and take you out with ease. It's such a difficulty spike even on Hero, that I can't even fathom going for Grandmaster yet.

Still, if you're looking for a challenge (as many Destiny players have been), then the Proving Grounds await.

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