Destiny 2 The Disgraced Strike Guide: How To Defeat Navota, Eir Spawn

Beyond Light may have slimmed Destiny 2's overall footprint down by "vaulting" content, but it also bought back Destiny 1's original destination, The Cosmodrome, back.

While it's been great fun running around our old haunt, reminiscing about the times when you could pop a Heavy Ammo Synth or struggling against enemies we'd soon find to be a cakewalk, one of the best parts is The Disgraced strike.

While it's essentially a remix of the Will of Crota strike from the first game (better known as the 'Omnigul strike'), there are enough tweaks to make it worth brushing up on your tactics before heading in.

Here's our guide.

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Destiny 2 The Disgraced Power Level Requirement

This Earth-based strike will require players to be at Power Level 1100.

Considering new players start at 1050, you'll be easily ready to handle it early on – even more so if you play through Beyond Light's campaign.

Destiny 2 The Disgraced Guide

Terrestrial Complex

To kick things off, you'll be entering a square-ish room with plenty of cover but also a lot of enemies.

Vandals will attempt to pick you off from distance, while Captains and Dregs will attempt to move in close.

Once the room is cleared, a few more enemies will spawn, but the safest method is to get a short-range weapon like an SMG or shotgun for the rushers, as well as a scout rifle for enemies on the other side of the room.

Terrestrial Complex - Exterior

Once the door opens and you can head upstairs, you'll be battling Hive.

Keep an eye out for Cursed Thrall, since they'll explode when near you, but other than that, it's very similar to before.

Once you move further outside and Hive Tomb Ships drop in, be sure to take cover from their weaponry as well as the Shriekers pelting your fireteam from a distance.

Again, the Scout Rifle is ideal here, and you'll likely have a Super available at this point, too. Sniper rifles are also a viable option, although their lower rate of fire and relative ammo scarcity (at least compared to a Scout Rifle) might make them less favourable.

Jovian Complex

In the next section, you'll bump into Navota, the Strike boss.

There's limited cover, but with a fireteam of three all firing on her (particularly with Solar weaponry) you'll soon whittle down her health.

There's also an argument to be made for using Arbalest to tear through her shields.

While fighting Navota, you'll also encounter other enemies. While not too tricky, they can easily overwhelm you in numbers, so keep them at bay with a crowd control option like Witherhoard or Deathbringer.

Navota, Eir Spawn

Once you've pushed the boss back, you'll make it to a room where she'll reappear for the final fight (with full health, no less).

Again, rip through her shield with a Solar weapon but be warned – Navota is more mobile than Omnigul was back in 2014.

She'll flit between multiple areas, and while there's no mechanic involved other than shooting her, she will vanish temporarily and leave you to fight her minions.

Again, give Cursed Thrall a wide berth, and keep an eye out of Ogres that spawn on the lower levels.

Before long, you'll burn through her health and have finished the strike.

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