Destiny 2 Penguin Souvenir Locations: ALL Europa Penguin Toys Found In D2 Beyond Light

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Beyond Light is finally here, and aside from all of the weapons and armour you can earn, there's something a little different to find, too.

Bungie has hidden small Penguin toys around Europa, and each seems to unlock a secret triumph – ideal for completionists.


While only six locations have been found so far, rumours suggest that the Penguin locations could be on a weekly cycle.

For now, here's where to find all eight so far, and we'll be updating this list as we sniff out the rest. 

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light Toy Penguin Souvenir Location Guide

Penguin #1 - Cadmus Ridge:

Once you spawn in Charon's Crossing, head toward Cadmus Ridge.

Here, in the sort of "gorge" between where two enemy forces are fighting (that you can travel underneath), hop to the right and head into a cave.


Here, you'll need to defeat a Vex Wyvern and a pair of Harpies.

Doing so will lower a "light gate", and allow you to collect the Penguin statue inside.

Check out Esoterickk's guide below:

Penguin #2 - Well of Infinitude:

Once you spawn in Charon's Crossing, head right towards Asterion Abyss.

There's a tunnel just to the right of the structures on the map in this area that leads to where you first got your chance to test out the Stasis powers.


Keep following this underground pathway through, and you'll come to an area called "The Well of Infinitude". Head past the Vex "milk" lakes, and keep following the path.

Eventually, in a room with a Hydra, you'll find the Pengiun stashed behind a barrier.

Check out Esoterickk's guide below:

Penguin #3 - Eventide Ruins:

Head to Eventide Ruins for this Penguin, and from the gravity lift, turn and jump onto the roof ahead.

From there, jump forward and look for a doorway.


The Penguin is inside, on the right, but you may need a Scorch Cannon to retrieve it.

Check out Esoterickk's guide below:

Penguin #4 - Bray Exoscience:

Head to Bray Exoscience for the next Penguin, which can be found in one of the rooms deep into the building. You'll know you're in the right spot when you reach this room.

The penguin will be sat on a counter, but before you'll be able to collect it a shield will appear and you'll need to defeat some enemies before you can claim it.

From there, return the penguin to the room right of Variks.


Check out Esoterickk's walkthrough below if you want a little visual assistance:

Penguin #5 - Asterion Abyss:

This week's Penguin is just south of the Lost Sector in Asterion's Abyss, hiding on the top of an outcrop.

Head to the inside of a structure that looks like "steps", climb up to the top and the Penguin can be seen enjoying the view.

As always, Esoterickk has you covered:


Penguin #6 - Riis-Reborn Approach

Head to the gravity lift at the north of the map, and follow the icy canyon down.

Continue past the assorted Vex, and keep pushing past Fallen until you encounter an invisible enemy called a Fallen Marauder. Kill it, and you'll be able to loot the penguin statue from it.

Check out Esoterticck's guide below:

Penguin #7 - Nexus

From Asterion Abyss, head down toward the Glassway.


Once you reach the cave, look up and shoot the Oracle above. Head right, and look below the metallic platform for another one. Shoot it, and then climb up again.

Shoot the third Oracle on the structure above, and then head through a small alcove, shoot the final Oracle, and claim the penguin.

Check out Esoterticck's guide below:

Penguin #8 - Kell's Rising

From Eventide Ruins head north toward Riss Reborn.

Whilst following the tunnels leading up to Kell’s Rising you should encounter plenty of Vex, but eventually you'll come to a large area with Fallen.


Off to the far right, you should encounter an enemy called the Stasis Spinner.

Defeat the Stasis Spinner and behind him you should see several large crates. The penguin should materialise behind one of these large crates. It's pretty tucked away, but it's there.

Want some visual help? Check out Esoterickk's latest video guide below:

Penguin #9 - Eternity

Head to Cadmus Ridge and enter the Bray Exoscience facility to the West.

Push through the main hall, to the door at the far left, and follow the linear path, jumping across the icy chasm and continuing through the red-hued room.


Keep going for a while longer (seriously, it's a trek) until you find an enemy called "Drake, Charge Courier".

Defeat it, and grab his System Charge before progressing further into the installation and hopping across a series of platforms.

On the penultimate platform, you can deposit the charge, spawning the penguin on a box next to it. Phew.

Esoterickk has you covered, yet again:

As noted above, we'll update this page as soon as we find more of our little friends.

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