Destiny 2 Splicer Gauntlet: Open Conflux Chest, Elemental Well Mods, All Perks and More

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Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer has begun, and after a short initial quest, players can get their own Splicer Gauntlet.

Essentially this season's answer to the Cryptolith Lure or Hammer of Proving, the Splicer Gauntlet is able to open Conflux chests at the end of the new Override activity, and can be boosted by completing bounties.


Here's all you need to know.

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Destiny 2 Splicer Gauntlet Guide

Splicer Gauntlet Upgrades

To upgrade your new gauntlet, you'll need to complete bounties for the Splicer Servitor, found in the Eliksni part of the H.E.L.M.

They're all pretty standard bounties, but some can be completed quicker in Override.

These will earn you reputation, but you can also earn Decrypted Data the more Override runs you do.


Open Conflux Chests

Just like the Hammer of Proving, you need to charge up your gauntlet before you can open chests.

Luckily, you just need to use Ether – so just kill enemies to earn it and 'slot' the Ether in your Quests screen.

Elemental Well Mods

You can also redeem a new series of elemental well mods once you've accrued enough Decrypted Data. These are purchased with Mod Components.

  • Reaping Wellmaker - After activating your class ability, your next final blow with a weapon creates an elemental well. (Cost 2, available by default).
  • Well of Tenacity - Picking up a Void elemental well temporarily reduces the damage you take from combatants. (Cost 2, Reputation 2)
  • Explosive Wellmaker - Rapidly defeating enemies with explosive damage creates a Solar elemental well. (Cost 3, Reputation 4)
  • Well of Life - Picking up a Solar elemental well grants increased HP regeneration for a short period of time. (Cost 2, Reputation 5)
  • Overload Wellmaker - Defeating a combatant with a finisher spawns two Arc elemental wells. (Cost 4, Reputation 7)
  • Well of Ions - Picking up an Arc elemental well causes your next melee to deal increased damage. (Cost 2, Reputation 8)
  • Shieldcrash Wellmaker - Breaking a shield with a matching elemental weapon creates an elemental well. (Cost 4, Reputation 10)

Elemental well mods can essentially boost whichever of your abilities has the lowest level of power by completing the mod's criteria.

If the element matches your subclass, all your abilities will recharge.

Splicer Gauntlet Upgrades

You can spend Decrypted Data to boost the gauntlet's abilities, many of which have tiered rewards.

Here are all the ones in the game so far:

  • Codestrider - Additional platforms can be utilized in the Vex network.
  • Override Efficiency - Override chests have increased rewards. Standard Vex chests have a chance to drop additional seasonal gear. Conflux chests have a chance to drop Umbral Engrams; can drop up to 1x Focused Umbral Engram per week.
    • Override Efficiency 2 - Increased rewards; Conflux chests can drop up to 2x Focused Umbral Engrams per week.
  • Override Efficiency 3 - Increased rewards; Conflux chests can drop up to 3x Focused Umbral Engrams per week.
  • Deletion Exclusion - Laser and wall defenses deal less damage.
    • Deletion Exclusion 2 - Lower damage from Vex defenses.
    • Deletion Exclusion 3 - Lower damage from Vex defenses.
  • Ether Filter - Defeated enemies have a higher chance to drop Ether.
    • Ether Filter 2 - Higher chance to gain Ether.
    • Ether Filter 3 - Higher chance to gain Ether; increased Ether from completing activities.
  • Halt and Open Fire - Increased ammo replenishment from crates in Override.
    • Halt and Open Fire 2 - More ammo replenished.
    • Halt and Open Fire 3 - More ammo replenished.
  • Memory Expansion - Splicer Gauntlet Ether capacity = +50, Key Code capacity = 4
    • Memory Expansion 2 - Splicer Gauntlet Ether capacity = +50, Key Code capacity = 5
    • Memory Expansion 3 - Splicer Gauntlet Ether capacity = +100, Key Code capacity = 4

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