Destiny 2: How to earn War Table Reputation

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Bungie has given us a new way to earn rewards in Destiny 2!

The "War Table" is a new vendor type that rewards the player for completing seasonal challenges similar to triumphs. 


It may not be immediately clear as to how you earn XP to contribute towards your reputation. Here, we cover how you can earn experience as well as the rewards you can expect to receive!

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Earn Reputation 

To earn reputation that contributes towards your War Table, you need to complete the new weekly seasonal challenges. This area may seem familiar to Destiny 1 players, but unfortunately, we're not returning to the old War Table from the previous game.


This is currently the only way you can unlock the tokens needed to upgrade. 

Unlike other vendors, you don't need to hand in your tokens at the table directly Once you claim your weekly challenges, your reputation automatically goes towards your War Table progress. 

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By completing these challenges, you'll also progress your season rank progress, meaning you can earn rewards from the season pass at the same time as levelling your war table.



You'll mainly be rewarded with umbral engrams that can be used to boost your power level in a specific slot. 

The Hammer of Proving allows you to unlock rewards from seasonal activities. You can charge up the hammer by completing the new seasonal activities. 


By using runes, you can upgrade your hammer to give you better rewards as well as make it more efficient at collecting coins. 

Unfortunately, reputation at the War Table is limited per week, so you'll need to come back at the reset to continue levelling your reputation. Luckily the challenges that become available each week will still be available after that week has ended. 

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This means you can miss a week of reputation and come back next week to complete them.