Two Of The Best Xbox Controllers Have Had Their Prices SLASHED At Amazon

If you're a competitive gamer, you'll know the value of getting yourself an excellent controller and right now two popular choices for Xbox players are on offer.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 and Razer Wolverine Ultimate are two of the best Xbox controllers money can buy and right now you can get each of them for a whole lot less.

While there is some debate over the value of features like rear paddles, hair triggers or precision grips, for many, they are essentials to help shave milliseconds off of your input time.

While these controllers won't reach the price of the latest PS5 SCUF model, they are both premium peripherals and so grabbing them while they're on offer can make a huge difference.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 especially is very rarely on offer and so you'll want to hurry if you're looking to upgrade.

Let's take a look!

Xbox Elite Series 2 - Was $179.99, Now $139.99 (SAVE $40)

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Credit: Microsoft

If you don't fancy waiting around for the Elite Series 3, the Xbox Elite Series 2 is still a solid choice for many gamers.

This controller features interchangeable thumbsticks and paddles, allowing you to adjust to your desired comfort and playstyle setting.

You're also getting up to 40 hours of battery life, to sustain you through those marathon gaming sessions.

Plus, the Xbox Elite Series 2 even allows you to set up three custom profiles and switch between them, to adjust your playstyle accordingly.

Save A Huge $70 On The Razer Wolverine Ultimate

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Credit: Razer

Razer is well known for pioneering some of the best gaming accessories to date, and we think the Wolverine Ultimate lives up to their reputation.

With six remappable buttons, an ergonomic design and an interchangeable d-pad and thumbsticks, you can tailor this controller to your specific playstyle with ease.

And right now the Razer Wolverine Ultimate is on offer with 44% off at Amazon, bringing it down from $159.99 to $89.99, saving you a solid $70.

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