Are Controller Paddles Worth It? Here's What We Think

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Are controller paddles worth it? If you've been on the hunt for your next gamepad you've likely asked yourself the question, especially when presented with the numerous controllers that offer the feature.

Having a controller with paddles can have a huge effect on your gaming experience and there's a reason many pros use them in some of the most popular, and competitive, games out there.

But are they a must-have? Here's what you should know before you upgrade.

What Are Controller Paddles?

Controller paddles are usually found on the back of high-end controllers and typically come in either pairs or four to a gamepad.

They are designed so you can use the fingers wrapped around the controller when playing.

These paddles are often mappable, which means you can assign different buttons to them. If you wanted to assign 'X' for jump, you could do so.

Are Controller Paddles Good For Gaming?

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Controller paddles are good for gaming, but a specific type of gaming...

If you're holding a controller in a traditional way, most of the control comes from your thumbs in the way that you'll use them to control both thumbsticks and buttons.

The problem comes with competitive gaming, where you can win or lose by a fraction of a second.

When playing traditionally, you'll encounter some situations where you'll be limited by what your thumbs can do. Take jumping or crouching while aiming for example.

To jump or crouch requires that you take your thumb off the thumbstick, which leaves you out of control for a couple of milliseconds...and that's all it takes to lose.

When you're playing competitively, that means your prize money and ranking are on the now we start to see where paddles can save the day.

Controllers with paddles are great for reflex-based first-person shooters and competitive titles like Fortnite. They even work well with story-driven games as they allow you to be in full control throughout...but there is a catch.

Are Controller Paddles Difficult To Use?

Many of us have been gaming since we were young, and the traditional way is so ingrained that it caused a steep learning curve when something new is introduced.

Using the rest of our fingers to control the game can feel counterintuitive and for some, it's not worth learning how to do, especially when they've mastered their current gamepad.

However, since many pros use paddles, it could be worth battling through the initial learning phase.

Are Controller Paddles Worth It?

If you're playing competitively, we'd say absolutely. Shaving off milliseconds is vital and it's one of the main aims of any pro-orientated controller.

For casual gamers, they're not essential, but they could be just what you need to level up in games like Warzone, Battlefield 2042 or Halo Infinite.

They are quite expensive, so be prepared to treat it as an investment, but the payoff could be well worth it.

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