Does Xbox Series X Support 1440p? Here's What You Should Know

For many gamers out there who want the best of both worlds when it comes to resolution and speed, 1440p monitors can be a real winner, but, are they supported when playing on Xbox Series X?

This is certainly a question worth considering and if you're on the fence between choosing an Xbox Series X or PS5, it can even be a deciding factor for some.

Let's dive in!

Does Xbox Series X Support 1440p?

Simply, yes, the Xbox Series X, will automatically detect a 1440p resolution and give you the option to support it.

The Xbox One also supported 1440p and many Xbox fans will be pleased that Microsoft decided to implement it in next-gen gaming too.

In fact, many of the best monitors for Xbox Series X offer a 1440p resolution, as they can offer high-quality visuals at high refresh rates without the price tag of a standout HDMI 2.1 monitor.

Whereas the PS5 does not currently support a 1440p resolution, and so in the debate between Xbox and PS5, at the moment, the Series X is the clear winner in this department.

Does Xbox Series X Support 1440p At 120Hz?

Some people tend to go for 1440p monitors instead of 4K options as they can sometimes support higher refresh rates.

For example, many of the best 144Hz monitors offer a 1440p resolution, however, when it comes to playing on Xbox Series X, it becomes a little more complex.

Technically, you will not be able to plug into 120Hz unless the monitor has an HDMI 2.1 connection, which supports both 4K and 120Hz, as the Xbox X will automatically read your 1440p monitor as 60Hz.

However, many have found that they can adjust the settings on the console, and change the refresh rate, you can experience 120hz on a 1440p monitor as long as your monitor supports 120Hz or higher refresh rate while using a QHD resolution.

When doing this, the Xbox Series X will show a message saying there is an error, however, you can override this and your 1440p monitor may be able to display 120Hz on the console, though there is no guarantee it will work.

Otherwise, grab yourself a standout HDMI 2.1 monitor and you should be able to experience 4K at 120Hz without any issues.

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What Is 1440p Resolution?

In short, 1440p is a resolution that can display images at 2560x1440 pixels.

You may see some gaming monitors say they're a QHD display, too. This is just another way of referring to a Quad HD panel as it offers four times the display resolution of a 720p HD option.

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