Dead by Daylight: Why Are Bloodpoints Capped?

There's a Bloodpoint cap in Dead by Daylight, Behaviour Interactive's asymmetric survival horror game. One player is designated as a killer and has to hunt down four other players.

The game is inspired by many cult classic slasher films, with characters and skins pulled from the horror universe, and Bloodpoints are your currency used to purchase perks and other necessaries for your character.

However, there's a small issue with this setup: Dead By Daylight has a Bloodpoints cap.

Why are Bloodpoints capped in Dead by Daylight?

You'll spend Bloodpoints to unlock traits/nodes on a character's Bloodweb.

These traits, perks, and Bloodpoints are not unique to each character, though. If you've earned a set amount of Bloodpoints while playing as a survivor character, you could use it to unlock nodes of another survivor character or even a killer.

Perks are another matter, though. Each character's Bloodweb is separate, so you'll need plenty of Bloodpoints to unlock their Perks.

The Bloodpoint cap in Dead by Daylight is 1,000,000. The only time you can exceed this cap is if you've earned Bloodpoints via promo codes or through log-in rewards. These points are uncapped since they're earned through different methods.

The cap exists so that you don't end up hoarding points or put others at a disadvantage. The developers expect you to play the game to earn Bloodpoints, especially when new pieces of DLC launch, and it's also a matter of fairness. Those who play more will earn more Bloodpoints, but the cap means there's still a measure of balance between them and other players with less time or who are new to the game.

Behavior might raise the cap at some point in the future, though the dev team hasn't made it a priority.

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