How Big Is Dead By Daylight? All Dead By Daylight File Sizes

Dead By Daylight file size varies wildly depending on which platform you're playing on. This 1 vs 4 asymmetrical competitive horror game takes up much more space on next-gen consoles, thanks to its improved graphics, but even the Switch version has a hefty download size attached to it. Here's everything you need to know.

How Much Space Does Dead By Daylight Need?

For every platform this game is on, this game's file size is different, with the Stadia version taking the most (surprisingly). Here's the file size for each of the platforms this game is available on.

  • PlayStation 4: 7GB
  • PlayStation 5: 25GB
  • Xbox One: 31 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 7 GB
  • Xbox Series S: 30GB
  • Stadia: 50 GB
  • PC: 31 GB
  • Nintendo Switch: 19.9 GB

The Stadia file size is only for those who choose to download the game. Otherwise, as with any other Stadia game, you can play it on the cloud without installing the game on your computer. Dead By Daylight is also available to play on Xbox Cloud Gaming if you find you've run out of space on your Xbox.

If you plan on playing Dead By Daylight for a while, you'll want to plan ahead and have more storage than this available, though. Behaviour regularly adds new content to the game, and obviously, these patches require more space. Some of the recent updates include new maps, new killers and all-around more content.

The most recent is update 5.4.0, Portrait of a Murder, introducing two new Latin American characters, including the first-ever Mexican-American character in the game. Portrait of a Murder is themed around the new killer, a failed artist, and picks up where the Blood Hunt event leaves off.

In short, expect the game to keep growing in file size in the years to come.

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