Dead by Daylight: What Are Boon Totems and How To Use Them

In Dead by Daylight, Boon Totems glow blue.

In Dead by Daylight, Boon Totems glow blue.

Boon Totems were introduced to Dead by Daylight as a part of Chapter 21.5 alongside new survivor Mikaela Reid. These new Totems were first revealed in May, but have only just been introduced as part of Mikaela's Perks. As with almost every new addition to the game, Boon Totems have had mixed reactions from the community. Yet, they certainly add yet another interesting element.

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What Are Boon Totems

Boon Totems are a new and unique type of Totem that greatly differs from the Hex Totem and Dull Totem. These new Totems are ones that benefit survivors, rather than being beneficial to the killer or serving no use.

Players will recognise Boon Totems as having a blue glow, compared to the orange glow of a killer's Hex Totems. Additionally, these new Totems also emit a noise whenever a player is within 24 metres of one.

How to Use Boon Totems

To use a Boon Totem, a survivor must have one of the following Boon Perks equipped, which are Mikaela Reid's teachable perks. With either of the perks equipped, a survivor can approach any Dull or Hex Totem and interact with it to then turn it into a Boon Totem. To turn a Dull Totem into a Boon Totem, it takes 14 seconds, and to transform a Hex Totem, it takes 24 seconds.

Boon Totems can be extinguished quickly by the killer interacting with them whenever they find one. Although, Boon Totems cannot be permanently cleansed like Hex Totems. This means that the player with the Boon Perk equipped can return to the Totem as many times as they please to turn it into a Boon Totem again. There can only be one active Boon Totem in a trial at a time, but both available Boon Perks can be active on the same Totem if a player has both of them equipped.

The two Boon Totems available are explained below:

Boon: Circle of Healing

Dead by Daylight Boon Totem, Circle of Healing, a Mikaela Reid Perk.
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The Boon: Circle of Healing perk benefits survivors by unlocking the Self-Care ability and increasing healing speeds. This affects all players within a 28-metre radius of the Boon Totem. This Totem proves to be great for getting players much-needed heals, at a quick pace, without the need of multiple survivors huddling together.

Boon: Shadow Step

A Boon Totem in Dead by Daylight, Shadow Step, a Mikaela Reid perk.
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The Boon: Shadow Step perk benefits survivors by hiding players auras from the killer and suppressing their scratch marks. This affects all survivors within a 28-metre radius of the Boon Totem. This Boon Totem is incredibly useful for helping survivors hide from, evade and escape the killer.

Shadow Step equipped alongside Circle of Healing means that survivors are able to heal themselves and others very quickly, all while being able to evade the killer as long as they're within the Boon Totem's radius.

Boon Totems are certainly a very welcome addition to Dead by Daylight for survivors. They add an interesting new layer to the longstanding Totem mechanic and give other Totem perks, such as Counterforce and Small Game, an additional use. Only time will tell as to whether these Boon Totems are for better or for worse in terms of the balance of the game between survivor and killer. For now, however, they're certainly very fun to play with!

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