Dead By Daylight Teacher Killer: Everything You Need To Know About The Unused Concept

There's no shortage of killers in Dead By Daylight. Having launched on 14 June 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the game has continued to grow and expand on its initial roster of characters. At the time of writing, there are a whopping 25 playable Killers and we suspect that Behaviour Interactive has no plans of slowing down. Not that we mind as it means there's plenty of new content to enjoy, even if it means we'll have to keep updating our Dead By Daylight Killers Tier List. However, despite the overwhelming number of killers available, there's two who are more elusive and unknown to some players, because they've never been released.

On this page, we're going to focus on one of those killers to help clue you in on one of the games biggest secrets. So without further ado, here's everything you need to know about The Teacher Killer.

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Who Is The Teacher Killer In Dead By Daylight?

The Teacher is an unused killer who has previously been found by dataminers whilst searching through the game code for Dead by Daylight way back in 2016.

It's not known if the teacher killer was simply a joke, planted by the devs, or an actual killer who was dropped by the team and now exists as nothing more than unused content on the cutting room floor.

Dataminers found three in-game files which had game icons. This included:

  • Trapple - a Survivor Item.
  • Detention - a Killer Power.
  • Underperform - a Killer Perk.

To this day no one knows what the potential effects of the perks or powers would have done.

It was also believed that the Teacher would have been armed with a Ruler that would have had a blade attached to it.

What Happened To The Teacher Killer?

It's not 100% confirmed if the killer was a joke or if it was something more serious. The leaks were found in the run up to the games first DLC in August 2016.

Eventually, the new Killer for the DLC turned out to be The Nurse. So it's not clear if the Teacher was genuine or simply meant to trick leakers.

As noticed by fans on the official forums, in 2020 devs from BHVR showed their work from home setups and one dev's screen included some of the Teacher's icons. You can see this below:

expand image

According to fans, the image file was named "srobinson_wfh1_Sarah_Robinson_LI.jpg".

I googled a bit and found that Sarah Robinson is a writer of series "Kavanagh Legends". I don't really familiar with the book series, but, I guess, someone among devs is. Because Harvey Kavanagh is a guy, who was killed by Nurse. Nurse is closest killer to teacher, since teacher files appeared back in 2016. Does it all mean something? I dunno.

I guess the suggestion is that The Nurse killed the Teacher.

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